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Art by Melissa
CBMD Part 4 
14th-Nov-2006 11:46 pm
VM - 121 Logan V Kiss

Veronica looked around Luke’s house in wonder. She had only been in a few 09er houses, and it seemed like every time she went to a new one that she needed to explore.

Veronica watched as Lilly went from person to person, announcing their arrival. Lilly dragged her around and Veronica said hello to those that she had become friends with and looked away, at those who she didn’t care for.

After Lilly was done saying hi, she dragged Veronica to the refreshment table, exclaiming that they both needed a shot. Veronica tried protesting this, because she didn’t want to drink that night with so many people. Lilly assured her that she was completely safe and that no one would hurt her.

Somewhat comforted, Veronica took a shot glass, and proceeded to do a shot of vodka with Lilly. Veronica made a disgusted face at the taste, sat the glass back down and hurriedly grabbed a lemon sticking it in her mouth.

Veronica glanced around the room, looking for Logan. He was nowhere to be seen. She sighed, and looked at Lilly.

Lilly turned to her, after hearing her sigh softly, and rubbed her arm. Lilly knew that the only reason Veronica had come to the party was to see Logan, and it was disappointing being there when he wasn’t. “Don’t worry about it. He’ll show.”

Veronica smiled weakly at her friend, and grabbed the shot that had been suddenly placed in front of her by Dick. She lifted it up with a little raise and brought it to her mouth, slamming the liquid to the back of her throat so she couldn’t taste it.

She had slammed down her fourth shot, when she felt someone’s hand drag along the expanse of skin that was between her tank top and her jeans. She looked up, finding herself in familiar chocolate eyes. “Hi,” she mouthed.

“Hi,” he whispered, sliding an arm around her waist to guide her away from the drinking table.

She looked up at him, watching his eyes. She clutched tightly to him as she tripped over a purse that had some how gotten in the middle of the room. Logan caught her easily and knew that she had a good buzz going on.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked, smiling at him, her insides aching at the chance to be alone with him.

“Some place where we can finally talk.” He looked down at her and gripped her hand tightly. He led her away from the party and into Luke’s backyard. He followed a hidden path that led deep into Luke’s mother’s garden, where they finally stopped at a bench that was somewhat secluded.

Logan and Veronica took a seat facing each other. It was quiet for a moment before Veronica replied, “You know, when people say that they need to talk, someone actually needs to start talking.”

Logan laughed. He brought their interlocked hands up to his mouth to kiss them. “Yeah, that’s always a good start.”

Veronica nodded. She took in the distance that was between them and she scooted over to him, wanting to bask in his warmth. Once she was against him, with his arms wrapped around her she whispered, “Okay, so what do you want to talk about?”

“I thought that was obvious. Us.”

“Us. I like the sound of us. Do you like the sound of us?” she asked wearily, wanting to know his answer, but at the same time not. Even though Lilly had told her that he had feelings for her, she didn’t know if he had changed his mind in the last few days that they had ignored each other.

They had spent the rest of the week after their kiss, dancing around each other, glancing in each other’s direction, but then looking away when the other caught on, and quite honestly, she was sick of that little game.

“I do like the sound of us. I don’t know how or when it happened, but I like you, Veronica. And not in a ‘oh that’s my friend’ way.” He let out a sigh in relief at expressing his thought. He had done it. He had laid his cards out on the table and now it was up to her.

She reluctantly moved out of his arms so she could turn and face him. She moved her hand up to gently caress his face. “I thought I made myself perfectly clear at Lilly’s.”

Logan smiled, grabbing the hand that was caressing his face, giving her palm a kiss. He brought his arms down around her and pulled her closer to him. He gave her a charming smile and whispered, “So this is really happening?”

At her nod, he leaned in and did what he had been aching for since Lilly’s house. He kissed her. He kept the kiss light, wanting to express how much she meant to him, how much he wanted to mean to her.

Soon she was taking over the kiss; her hands wrapped and locked in his hair, pulling him closer, her tongue dancing along his. He pulled away breathless, taking a look at her. She was flushed, lips plumped, full and glistening from his kisses, cheeks pink and hair mussed, falling near her face. She was beautiful and he couldn’t resist leaning in again taking her lips in a hungry kiss.

When they finally pulled away, Logan laid his forehead against hers, breathing deeply.

Veronica smiled at him. “You have no idea how happy I am. I’ve been dreaming about you for so long, that…God, Logan, these last few weeks getting to know you have been torture.”

“I can imagine,” he laughed, knowing full well how hard it was to be around her, especially after the dream that he had. “I still can’t believe that Lilly is okay with this,” he said, waving his hands in the air in excitement.

Veronica pulled away to look at him. She dropped her head and got this deep look of concentration on her face and when she lifted her head back up she knew that she needed a question answered before they went any further. “Logan, there’s something that I need to know before we go any further and I don’t want you to be mad. But this is something that I need to know for my sanity.” She paused before continuing, “Are you still in love with Lilly?”

Logan grew quiet at this question. He had known that she would ask sooner or later. He decided that it would be best to be honest. “I love Lilly, and Lilly loves guys, but I can’t be like that anymore. I can’t be with someone who will cheat on me and that will be so callous like that and not care about my feelings. Do I love Lilly? Yes, but I’m not in love with her by any means. That disappeared a long time ago.” His expression shifted after finishing the declaration, hoping that Veronica approved of the answer.

Veronica smiled, pleased at his answer. She needed to know that he wasn’t just with her to get back at Lilly or that she was some placemat that was going to be holding a spot until Lilly was ready to play with him again.

Logan smiled back at her, arms tightening around her. He pulled her back into their previous position, leaving a light kiss at the nape of her neck. She lay back against him, relaxing into him, content just to sit out underneath the stars, being with the one person she had dreamed of.

It was like she was in some fairytale and she had finally won her prince. Even though it had taken her having to make a deal with Lilly to get him, it happened, and right now she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was lay with her prince, and look forward to a happy future.


After spending a wonderful, secluded weekend with Logan, Veronica was excited to go back to school on Monday. That morning when she had gotten ready she had an extra bounce in her step and a smile on her face.

She walked over to her desk and grabbed her screwdriver. She made her way to the vent, knowing that once Lilly had the tapes that their deal was done and they both could move on.

Lilly would have what would potentially destroy her and Logan’s lives and Veronica would have Logan. It was a good deal and she was glad that everything had gone as planed.

She stuck the tapes into her bag and twisted the vents cover back on. She turned at the sound of her phone beeping. Taking it out her pocket, she flipped it open revealing that she had a text.

Good morning, gorgeous. See you at school. Miss you. – Logan.

She smiled, and walked towards her door. She had a boy to see.


Veronica arrived ten minutes before the bell rang and went to her locker. She jumped as arms closed around her tightly, pulling her back against a warm, male chest. She leaned back, relaxing into him as she exchanged the right books. Finally turning around she gave him a smile and whispered, “Hi.”

“Hi,” he replied back, leaning down to kiss her neck and then the corner of her lips.

Veronica heard the gasps that echoed around them. She knew that word was now out. She and Logan were a couple. She leaned up to kiss his mouth and he obliged her. She kept the kiss chaste and innocent to avoid further gossip.

He wrapped his hands around her long, silky locks, giving her a kiss on her forehead. He held out his hand and she accepted it, grasping to it tightly. They were about to move from her locker when a voice called out, “It’s about damn time.” Neither were surprised to hear that voice.

Veronica turned and smiled at Lilly mouthing a silent, “Thank you.” Lilly nodded in understanding and looked at Veronica’s bag, then raising her eyes and arching an eye brow.

Now Veronica was the one nodding. She knew Lilly would be asking for the tapes and the silent gaze that had been shot at her bag, confirmed that she wanted them now. Veronica turned her head up to look at Logan, and caught his eye. “Hey, can you give Lil and me a sec?” He nodded and reached down to give her a small kiss before taking his leave.

“I’ll see you next period,” he shouted, his head turned over his shoulder as he caught up with a friend and headed to class.

“So you and Logan are finally together?”

Veronica shook her head, still watching Logan disappear. “Yes, we are.” She turned her head, glancing back at Lilly. “We have business to finish.” At Lilly’s nod, Veronica reached into her bag and with drew three tapes. “I didn’t watch them, as per our agreement, besides, I don’t really want to watch you and Logan getting it on, or you changing or doing whatever.”

Lilly nodded. “Thanks. I really appreciate this, Veronica. And I’m glad you and Logan are together. He looks happy with you.”

Veronica smiled and nodded back.

She started to walk away when Lilly called to her, “Take care of him for me.”

Veronica turned around, looked at Lilly and whispered, “I’ll do my best.” Veronica turned around and walked away towards her class.

Lilly watched her as she turned the direction Logan had taken off from earlier. She glanced down at the tapes in her hand, and whispered, “God, you’re so easy,” her voice floating on the breeze of an empty hallway.


Veronica followed in the direction Logan had previously walked down. As she turned a corner a hand snuck out, grabbing her, and dragged her into the girl’s bathroom.

“What are you doing,” she laughed, as a mouth covered hers.

Logan gave her a long sensual kiss before replying, “I didn’t get to greet you properly this morning.” He swept a lock of hair behind her ear before leaning down once again to take her mouth in a kiss.

Veronica took over the kiss, slipping her tongue inside to play with his. She tasted his tongue, like a strawberry pop tart that he had had that morning she thought. She noticed the smell of his teeth as she licked her tongue across them and then once again feasted on his tongue, sucking on it, making him clutch her closer to him, his legs feeling weak.

He pulled away from her, breathless, laying nipping kisses on her forehead, eyes and the sensitive skin of her neck. He backed her up to the sink and lifted her to sit on it. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, crushing him to her. It was weird how comfortable her body seemed to be with his, at how much their bodies just instinctively knew each other. It was trait she loved, even after only a few days.

She pulled away this time breathless. “What about class?” she panted, trying to catch her breath back.

He didn’t answer; he just dove for her mouth once again. When he finally pulled away he panted into her mouth, “Screw school. I’d rather be with you all day, doing nothing but this. Besides, we are studying the art of chemistry anyway.” He tried to take over her lips once again, but she moved her head away. He then focused his attention on her neck, making her arch back in unabashed pleasure.

“But… um… we need to go to… oh God,” she whimpered, as he took a mouthful of skin between his mouth, sucking on it and leaving a mark. Veronica’s legs brought him closer to her and she unconsciously grinded against him, slowly working him into a frenzy. Veronica pulled his mouth from her neck, attacking his mouth in a kiss full of heat and intensity.

He groaned against her mouth, his breath becoming hers, as they lapped at each other’s mouth.

They would go to class later.


Veronica and Logan spent the rest of the day stealing kisses between classes, and making out during lunch. By then end of lunch everyone knew that they were together.

Veronica walked to her car after lunch humming to herself. She made her way to the car in a happy mood and her grin grew even bigger when she saw Wallace waiting by her car.

Her smiled disappeared when she noticed the look on his face. He looked upset at her first look, but when she looked closer she could see that it wasn’t sadness that was on his face, it was anger. He looked pissed off.

She cautiously touched his arm when she reached him and gave him a small, “Hey.”

He looked up at her and then quickly looked away.

“Wallace, what’s wrong?” she asked in a concerned tone. He was her best friend and she wanted to know what was on his mind. Even though they hadn’t hung out the last few weeks because of her growing friendship with Lilly and his basketball practices, it didn’t mean that he was any less important to her. It was the opposite. She had come to realize how much she loved having him in her life, and if he was hurting then she wanted to be able take that pain – or anger in his case – away.

He looked back up at her and met her eyes. “You and Logan are dating?” he asked, in a deathly whisper.

She nodded weakly.

He shook his head, as if the thoughts that lay inside needed to be released. “I can’t believe you. What the hell do you think you are doing, Veronica?” The concern on his face returned as he looked at her face, which had lost that bubbly look from before.

“What? What Wallace? I am doing nothing wrong,” she asked, shocked at his outburst. She thought that he would be happy that she was happy.

“Veronica, he is only going to hurt you. Logan Echolls is Lilly Kane’s play toy and her shadow. That boy doesn’t want anything or anyone but her. I mean look at you. You haven’t even been her friend for a month and already she’s hooking you up with her ex-boyfriend? Come on, Veronica. There is something totally wrong with that picture. They probably have something going on to hurt you or humiliate you.”

Veronica cut in; she didn’t want to have to hear Wallace lecture her. “You don’t know him, Wallace and you sure as hell don’t know Lilly. Yes, he has a bad rap, but things are over between him and Lilly. For good. He told me and she told me, and I believe them.”

Wallace shook his head distastefully. “I can’t believe you. Listen to yourself. Logan Echolls loves nothing more than himself and Lilly Kane. He doesn’t have a heart. He’s a jackass that likes to hurt people who don’t in 09er zip. Why do you think that this won’t happen to you?”

“You. Don’t. Know. Him. I know him, Wallace. He’s not a bad person like everyone says. He may have done somethings in his past that were not okay, but he’s changed. He’s a good guy, and I like him. I like him a lot.”

“God, he totally has you brain washed. Veronica, Logan Echolls is not a good guy. V, you haven’t been here long. You’ve only been at this school for four months, and you didn’t get to see everything that boy has done. You don’t know him, Veronica.” He was trying to give her the briefest and vaguest story without spoiling her impression of Neptune.

“Tell me then, Wallace. You say that he is bad, and evil and everything else, but you won’t tell me what he has done. Tell me, and when you tell me you better have good evidence to back it up, because unless you have that, then I won’t trust it.”

“What about that girl, Cindy?” he asked, knowing she would know which one.

“That girl is a slut, who slept with half the 09er zip, boys and girls included. Logan, has nothing to do with her,” she said, upset that Wallace was doing this to her, and at this particular moment.

But Wallace wouldn’t stop, “Yes, she’s a slut, but she wasn’t always. She used to be a good girl, who got good grades and who wanted to be in love when she finally lost her virginity. You want to know what happened to that girl?” At Veronica’s nod he finished, “Logan Echolls happened to that girl.”

Veronica was taken back. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that that girl had a crush on him all through junior high. Everyone knew it, hell even he knew and when he realized it after he and Lilly broke up, he used it against the girl. He took her out, said some pretty things and he took her virginity. They were close for a couple of weeks, but then when Lilly snapped her fingers back at Logan, saying she was sorry, and that she missed him, he dumped Cindy and was back with Lilly the next day.”

Veronica’s mouth opened in an “O” expression. “Then what happened?” she whispered.

“The next day, Cindy caught up to Logan and Lilly before school, and I didn’t see it, but a few of the other players on my team did and they said that she went up to Logan asking him what she had done wrong and that Lilly had told her that she was nothing but a whore and a boyfriend stealer, and that the only way should would ever get another guy was to become a whore, because she was nothing better.”

Veronica looked down and then back up, “But that was Lilly who said it, not Logan.”

Wallace shook his head. “Veronica, it doesn’t matter. He didn’t even try to stop it. He just kissed the side of Lilly’s neck, not caring that the girl that he had just recently been dating – whom he had taken the virginity of a couple days before – was being called a whore. That’s just as worse or hell it’s even worse because he could have stopped it. And when the rumors started going around about her being a slut, he put fuel to the fire, when he knew damn well that she wasn’t one.”

“Okay, so he made a mistake. It’s not like you haven’t either. But, he’s different now, Wallace. He is not out to hurt me. I know that you are worried, but you don’t need to be.”

Wallace scooted closer to her. “Veronica, I don’t want you to get hurt and I know that being with him is only going to hurt you in the end. People like us, don’t get happy endings with people like them.”

“So what are you saying, Wallace?” she asked at last, tired of this conversation. Her heart was hurting. She didn’t want to believe what Wallace had told her, but she had heard some of the rumors regarding Cindy, but she also knew that Logan had changed. For the better.

“I want you to break up with him,” he simply stated.

Veronica looked at Wallace in confusion. Had he just asked her to break up with Logan? She wasn’t going to do that. She shook her head no emphatically. “I’m not going to break up with Logan, Wallace, so don’t ask me that again.”

Wallace made a frustrated noise.

“I know that you are trying to protect me, and I love you for it, but I’m not going to do it. I will, however, take things slow with him and be careful like you told me to do before. But, I need to see things from my own eyes. Everyone changes, Wallace, and sometimes it is for the better.”

Wallace nodded his head, knowing that nothing he could say would change her mind. He hated that she was so stubborn. He pulled her to him and gave her a hug. “Be really careful around him and all of them, really. Now that you and he are together, you are a target for the other 09ers. They don’t like new people, and they will come after you sooner or later.”

Veronica nodded her head, and laid her head on his shoulder. “Thank you, Wallace. For everything.”

“BFF, Veronica. BFF.”

She pulled her head back and gave him a smile. Yeah, BFF.


One Month Later…


“You have to come, Wallace,” said Veronica, upset by the fact that he was being stubborn about this. It had been only a little over a month that she and Logan had been together and it seemed as if Wallace was distancing himself from her.

He never spent anytime with her when she was with Logan and her other friends and when he was around them for any period of time, he would shut down and glare at them. And now when she desperately wanted him with her, he was being stubborn. She didn’t understand the hostility and the reluctance. It was only a little party.

“I’m not going to go to Logan’s, Veronica. I’m just not.”

Veronica tilted her head up and pouted at him. “Please. Wallace, come on. It’s like we never spend anytime with each other. This will give us the chance to hang out and for you to get to know Logan and some of the others. They aren’t bad people. They may act stupid once in a while, but this is high school. Everyone acts stupid at one point or another.”

“V, when are you going to understand that I don’t like them? It’s cool that you like them, but I can’t just forgive and forget. You haven’t been around them all your life, seeing what they do to people. You are my girl and that’s gonna stay that way, but I’m not going someplace where I’m gonna be uncomfortable.” Wallace looked at her. He wanted her to see that he was serious and that he wasn’t doing this to hurt her.

She nodded in acceptance. “Okay, you don’t have to come, but I would like you to try to spend some time around Logan, so that you can see that he’s not the devil.”

“We’ll see what happens, V, ‘kay?”

Veronica smiled at him and gave him a hug. She knew that she wasn’t going to change his mind and the more that she pushed the more that he would pull away from her. She wanted he and Logan to get along, but she knew that Wallace didn’t trust Logan and that Logan would have to do something really big before Wallace would give him the time of day.

She gave him her goodbyes and left.

She had a boyfriend to find.


“Hmmm,” Logan hummed against her lips, sighing, catching her bottom lip in his, sucking on it, and making her mewl. When he finally gave her a final, small kiss he whispered, “Hi, babe.”

“Hi,” she said softly, wrapping her arms around him, giving him a hug, holding him tightly to her.

He noticed her clinging a little more tightly than usually and used his hand to raise her chin from where it rested on his chest. “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head. She didn’t want him to know that she and Wallace had once again gotten into a fight over him. Logan didn’t like her fighting with Wallace. He knew how important their friendship was, and he didn’t want her to lose that all because of him.

She clutched him to her more tightly and she half pulled, half tugged at him to move forward, until they were at the benches for lunch. Logan let whatever was wrong go, wanting to focus on her and to try and make her happy.

Logan waved his hand, motioning the boy who was carrying Chinese to their table. He pulled out his wallet and threw some money at the delivery boy before reaching in and grabbing some chopsticks. He loosely wrapped his arm around Veronica, pulling her closer to him, stroking her side.

“So where are your parents going this time?” asked Dick, sliding over to sit next to Madison across from Logan and Veronica.

“Spain. Dad has to shoot something and mom is making a cameo,” he replied, taking a bite of his food.

“Its going to be awesome, Veronica! Logan always throws the best parties,” Dick replied, lifting his hand up to receive a high five from Logan.

“I can’t wait,” she whispered in her boyfriend’s ear. She smiled when he shivered at her effect on him.

“It’ll be fun, babe. Trust me,” he said to her, as he mimicked her actions from a minute before.

Veronica smiled at him and turned away when a female dropped right beside her. “Hey, Lilly.”

Lilly nodded her head at the couple before taking a set of chopsticks and digging in. “Party tonight. What are you wearing, Veronica?”

“No clue. You?”

“It’s a surprise.” Turning to Logan she said, “I might be a little late tonight. So, don’t worry about me if you don’t see me there early.”

Logan glanced at Lilly and nodded his head in exasperation. It seemed since they had officially broken up she had hooked up and screwed around with anyone and everyone. She was never around and when she was she made comments on his and Veronica’s relationship. She wanted Veronica to have some pointers about the opposite sex, which made Logan mad, and Veronica blush in embarrassment.

It upset him that Lilly had to try to convince everyone that the only reason he was with Veronica was because he wanted to sleep with her, when that wasn’t the case at all. He was with her because he liked her. She was smart, beautiful, talented and an all around amazing girl and seemed that now that everyone had their eyes set on her, Lilly did anything and everything to let people know the real deal.

People were being quiet about it due to his orders; he didn’t like lying to her but Veronica didn’t know what was going on. He knew that she thought of Lilly as a friend, but he knew the real Lilly Kane. She got what she wanted at any cost and he didn’t want to have to see her use Veronica to get attention.

It wouldn’t happen.

Not on his watch at least.


If you wanna go and take a ride with me…

Veronica entered Logan’s house slightly uneasy. It still felt a little weird coming over, but lately the feeling had lessened. As she listened to Nelly’s ‘Ride With Me’ she wondered her way through the living room looking for her boyfriend. She found him doing shots at the dinner table with Dick and Luke.

She came up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. He jumped, startled at the unexpected contact. Turning around, he smiled down at her. He leaned down and gave her a kiss that curled her toes and made her heart beat faster. She moaned into the kiss, giving herself over to him.

He brought his hand up to caress her face and gave her a smile against their lips. “You made it,” he whispered, pleased that she had finally arrived.

“Wouldn’t miss it in the world,” she said, stretching up on her tippy-toes so she could rest her forehead against his, her breathing was quickened and her eyes were closed. She brought her hands away from his back and took his other hand from her cheek. She entwined her fingers with his and he felt a quiver run through his body.

“God, why don’t you guys just go and get a room,” said an annoyed voice. Veronica turned towards it looking the blonde over.

“That’s actually a really good idea, Dick.” She turned up her eyes to her boyfriend. “Don’t you think that’s a good idea?”

“Marvelous and we will get a room, soon. But for now, I have to play host.” He placed a soft, gentle kiss on her forehead.

Soon they were stationed on one of his family’s couches, surrounded by drunken 09ers. She was sitting on his lap playing with his fingers while he peppered soft kisses on her neck and shoulders that was revealed from her tank top. Every so often she would turn her head and he would take her lips in a chaste small kiss. All she wanted was to be alone with him, but she understood that he needed to make sure that no one trashed his house beyond repair. The last thing they needed was for him to get into trouble and not be able to see her for an extended period of time outside of school.

When the party had finally started to quiet down, he stood up with her still locked in his arms and directed her upstairs. She giggled as he pushed her up against the wall next to his door. She crossed her arms and looked up at him.

She leaned up and pressed her lips against his. Her arms were still crossed before her chest, his arms still resting by his sides. They were still, for a moment, lips locked, and his eyes fluttered shut exactly at the same moment that she brought her hands behind his neck, stroking her fingers through the hairs that resided at the nape of his neck. Her lips parted slightly and she deepened the kiss, bringing her tongue to sweep over his lips and then enter his mouth powerfully. His hands rose to her waist, and he pressed her farther against the wall, causing her to moan into his mouth. He pressed his body against her, holding her tightly between the wall and himself with one hand settled on her hip, stroking the expanse of skin that was visible between her top and her low-rise jeans, while the other moved to the side of her breast caressing it. She breathed harshly against him and he ate up her moans and sighs of pleasure.

He moved slightly, pressed himself harder against her and made her whimper. Hearing her moan because of him, he let his mind wonder free of any rational thought, any though that didn’t consist of her, she was all he wanted. All he needed. Her hands traveled down from his neck to his lower back and she shifted slightly, her hands going for his shirt to slide underneath, searching for the warm skin that awaited her. Her movements made him pull away from her mouth and groan into her hair. His hands fumbled, and then settled firmly on her hips as he grinded against her. Her face fell to his neck and he felt he could no longer stand straight, feeling her warm breath against his skin while his body seemed to be glued to hers.

He leaned forward slightly, closing the distance between them. He let his lips brush against hers and didn’t push to deepen the kiss until he felt her lips moving against his. Carefully, he brought his hands to her hips and pulled her closer. Her body seemed to fit against his perfectly. As the kiss continued, she started slowly pulling his sweater off him, with limited success. He half dragged – half pulled her to his room, opening the door and shutting it with a kick of his foot. He pulled away to remove his sweater and threw in on the armchair next to the bed.

He led her to the bed and heard her inhale as she lay on her back. She looked at him seriously – and a little nervously, as he crawled on top of her, trapping her between his arms. She opened her mouth slightly, as if to say something, but didn’t have the time to when he leaned in and gently kissed her bottom lip. He wanted to reassure her. He wanted her to feel comfortable and safe. He wanted her to know that he would never do anything that would hurt her. She closed her eyes, lifting her arms so that they were around his waist. The kiss was slow and sensual, but gradually it deepened, their tongues exploring each other, while her hands made their way up his back underneath his shirt.

Suddenly, she sat up, and he looked at her hesitantly. To his surprise, she straddled him, pulling her shirt off. She looked away, not able to look at him to see his reaction. She wanted him so much, but she knew she was inexperienced and that he was the exact opposite. She knew that he would never hurt her, but it didn’t make her any less nervous of what was coming in their relationship.

He was amazed at her behavior and the sight that was now in front of him. He looked at her with such focus that it made her blush. She was wearing a black lace bra, which showed off her toned body perfectly. He, too, was now on his knees and she pulled him closer to her, then, tugged at the hem of his shirt to make him pull it off. She looked at him just as attentively as he had looked at her before. His muscular chest and arms made her smile rather shyly, still embarrassed at her lack of experience. He wrapped his hands around her torso, so that his chest was pressed against hers. He rested his head against hers, letting his hands slide up to her shoulders and then down her sides to her waist. When she covered his mouth with hers, her hands had a firm grip of his waist while his hands came up to cup her face when the kiss grew more passionate.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” he whispered, harshly. She nodded at him.

“I want you, Logan,” she whispered as her breath hitched at Logan’s continued contact.

He smiled at her. He wanted her as well, but also knew that she was not ready for their relationship to go this far yet. He didn’t mind. He could wait. “I want you too, babe. But, you’re not ready, and honestly, neither am I, despite what you’ve heard. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do other things,” he smiled as a wolfish grin came over his face.

She frowned.

He leaned forward to kiss her and before he connected with hers he said, “Trust me, babe. This will be so good for you.” She nodded and slipped her tongue in his mouth while her hands wandered to his hair.

His fingers stroked her skin tenderly, and then moved his hands up to remove her bra. The lace discarded quickly as Veronica desperately wanted more intimate contact with Logan. He sucked on her nipple, occasionally taking a few light nibbles and then soothing her with his tongue. He placed light kisses on the skin between her breasts, and then moved down again to her abdomen. Her breathing sped up and became more ragged. He knew she was enjoying it and it brought a shot of pleasure to his cock.

Slowly, unwilling to scare her, he kissed his way to the low waistband of her jeans, which hung by her hips. Carefully, he unzipped her pants and pulled them downwards slightly, only enough to expose more of her lower abdomen. He placed nipping kisses on the newly exposed skin and at each kiss he got a response from her. He could hear her taking deep breaths and when he looked up, he saw her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted, her pink tongue sliding over her plump, kissed swollen bottom lip, before catching it between her teeth. Taking his cue, he pulled away slightly so he could remove her pants entirely. He still left her in her underwear, wanting to take this slow and to make sure she was comfortable. When her pants were crumpled on the floor, he let his hands run up along her legs to her knees and then continued slowly, letting his fingers paint small circular drawings on her inner thighs. He spelled out his name and hers and then began taking nipping bites, just as he had done to her breasts and stomach. He let his hand run over her panties lightly, moving up again, and placing small kisses along her body until he could trap her tongue in his mouth.

He looked deep into her eyes and saw the fire and passion that resided there. He gave her a deep, hungry kiss, before making his way quickly back down her body until he reached the destination into which he wanted so desperately to enter.

Once he was again situated himself between her luscious thighs, he began to remove her pink, lacey panties. Her thighs clenched and he looked up at her, silently asking her to answer his look. She relaxed and unclenched her thighs in response to him. His hands, then, ran soothingly over the flesh of her thighs, relaxing her, comforting her.

He stroked the skin of her inner thighs gently, and then replaced his fingers with his lips, placing light, moist kisses on her delicate skin. His tongue ran along her inner thigh to her opening and he gently blew a warm breath against her sex. She inhaled deeply and squirmed slightly on the bed until he placed his hands firmly on her hips and ran his tongue over her opening. She cried out in pleasure.

Her legs were trembling in anticipation while he teased her, and when he placed his mouth on her clit and sucked it, she moaned loudly and lifted her hips to meet his mouth. He pulled away though and made her sigh anxiously.

“Soon, Veronica, soon,” he whispered against her thigh and smiled when he heard her snort.

Again, he kissed her thighs until he reached her opening and plunged his tongue inside her, pleased to hear her panting louder. He swirled his tongue inside her, then pulled it out and ran it across her clit; her hips arcing up to meet his mouth. She was breathing heavily when he rose on his knees and leaned over her again, his face now level with hers.

“Please…” she gasped, and looked at him with an insistent look in her eyes.

He ran his fingers up her thighs while he stared at her. She was beautiful underneath him, naked, breathless, and panting for more. His fingers made their way up to her core and lightly dipped in. He could feel the resistance in her body but he knew that she was primed for an explosion. Wanting this to be good for her, he soon began to thrust his fingers in and out of her as his mouth took hers in a rough kiss to distract her as he went to work on her lower body. Veronica could taste herself on his tongue, and although it should have grossed her out, she only wanted him more.

His fingers began a brutal rhythm that matched the movements of his tongue tangling with hers. Her excited breath leaked out of her mouth and into his mouth each time he hit a delicate spot inside her. She was so close and he knew that this was a moment that he would never forget.

She cried out his name in pleasure when his thumb slowly circled her aching clit, and it only took the smallest amount of pressure before she was screaming in his mouth as he attempted to stifle her moan from alerting the entire party below. The party that was raging downstairs was forgotten in the moment. There was only the two of them—passion and love event to them.

He continued to stroke her, helping her come down from the plateau from which she had just came off. Her breathing was ragged as well as his, and she glowed with pleasure and perspiration. She opened her eyes, looked deep into his eyes before a smile lighted her face. He smiled back before reaching down and placing a kiss on her forehead.

Her hand went to cradle his face with her thumb stroking his bottom lip. “I’ve never felt like that before,” she whispered softly, not wanting the spell that had come over them to disappear.

“It will always be like this, babe. Always.” He leaned down giving her a small chaste kiss before someone rudely pounded on his door. “What?” Logan shouted.

“Dude, I think Dick just broke your mom’s favorite vase. Its like completely smashed man.”

Logan stood up and put on his shirt before helping Veronica hurry and put on her clothes. “Hold on a minute. I’ll be right there.” He turned back to Veronica, “I’m sorry, babe.”

“It’s okay,” she said, rushing to get dressed so that she could go down and help him with whatever problem was really going on at the time downstairs. “We’ll have some more time to ourselves later. Besides, I haven’t seen Lilly yet.”

Logan nodded, taking her hand. He led her to the door and was surprised to see Sean standing outside. He looked at him and asked, “How bad is it?”

“Completely destroyed, dude.”

Logan shook his head and took off with Veronica clutching his hand down the stairs. This was why he truly hated parties, and even though this happened every time, it couldn’t stop the smile on his face when he thought of what had happened just before.

Overall, it was probably the best party he ever threw, broken vases or not.


Lilly Kane was not happy and that was a bad thing. It seemed as if nothing was going her way and her demand for complete control in all situations made the situation so much worse. Yes, she had the tapes, but she didn’t want to release them until the perfect time; a time that hadn’t arrived yet. Not only did she need the perfect time to release the tapes, but she was also subject to scenes of Logan and Veronica becoming more and more into each other everyday that they were together. It made her sick to watch so much happiness surround her.

Both Logan and Veronica had taken to ignoring her—just spending all of their time together. The one thing that you never did was ignore Lilly Kane she mused.

Celeste was being more of a bitch than usual and was fighting with her father more than they normally did: fights usually consisted of talk of Veronica and Lianne. Lilly had tried to spy and figure out what the hell was going on, but that had proved fruitless. She grew even more frustrated at the situation.

Duncan was pissy because Lilly had helped Logan and Veronica get together instead of helping him – her own brother—and she couldn’t just tell him why she had done that. He wouldn’t understand anyway.

Weevil was getting agitated because she didn’t want to take their relationship public, and he was getting even clingier than Logan had been when they were together. She had had to miss Logan’s party to just reassure him that he was important to her, when in reality she could care less about him. She was going to have to drop him, which was a shame because the sex was fantastic. At least she still had one man to keep her amused, she thought.

And now Aaron was dropping her. Well, he hadn’t really said anything, but he never called her anymore and when she did just happen to drop by he ignored her. And now he was away – with Lynn. It didn’t matter if she was his wife, she should have never gone. He was supposed to be here so she could play with him and the fact that he was playing with his wife was no comfort at all. Lilly Kane did not watch as others ignored her

So all in all, it was clear that she was not happy. When Lilly wasn’t happy, all bets were off and all hell was about to break loose.


15th-Nov-2006 04:37 pm (UTC)
A little typo here-
"He’s a jackass that likes to hurt people who don’t in 09er zip."
And oh shit, Lil's on the war path! ;D
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Watch out for Lilly! :O

I really liked this line--She glanced down at the tapes in her hand, and whispered, “God, you’re so easy,” her voice floating on the breeze of an empty hallway. I don't know why, but it rocks, like the rest of this story. :) Off to read more!
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