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Art by Melissa
Come, Break Me Down (Veronica/Logan, Lilly, ensemble) NC-17 
14th-Nov-2006 11:29 pm
VM - 121 Logan V Kiss
Title: Come, Break Me Down
Author: Melissa aka misa_05
Rating: NC-17 *In some Parts*
Disclaimer: Now time for my vague disclaimer. NOTHING IS MINE. All belong to RT.
Pairing: L/V, Lilly, ensemble.
Word Count: *Blushes* Um,... 38,000 words... Hee... *Blushes*
Spoilers: Um... Its AU. Really AU, but with bits of canon mixed in. If you know Lilly slept with Aaron, then you are set. Thats all you need to know.
Summary: Can life be a fairytale?
Author Notes: This was written for vm_fairytales, my fairytale was The Little Mermaid.. Mucho thanks go to afrocurl for betaing and listening to me whine. Finajk also gets much love for betaing. worldwasasong and synful_trixxie get much love for hearing me whine about it. This wouldn't have been written without all of you.
An2: Cross Posted Like Woah... and um... I love feedback.

I also Made a little soundtrack... heee...

CBMD - Link 1 CBMD - Link 2 CBMD - Link 3

Part 1.

“-loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not,” whispered Veronica as she pulled another petal off of her flower. She glanced around the quad to make sure no one was looking and she then went back to her favorite subject. Gazing at Logan Echolls. She picked up her flower to continue her little fantasy.

She had always loved pulling off petals of flowers asking whether or not her crush loved her. She had since she seen it in The Little Mermaid.

She was in another round of her game when she was interrupted.

“Girl, what are you doing?” asked Wallace sitting down across from her.

“Nothing,” she said, as she continued to pull of petals. She soon ran out of them with a final “he loves me.” Veronica giggled as she realized how happy that made her.

“You know you’re nuts, right?” asked Wallace looking at her. “You do know that that is never going to come true right? I mean, this isn’t some fairytale where you get your prince.”

“I know, Wallace. I do. But, my dad said that it’s okay to wish sometimes. So, let me just have this one wish.” She looked into his eyes hoping that he could understand.

It was the only wish she had had since she had moved to Neptune three long months ago. She and her father had moved to Neptune after the Fresno Police had mishandled her mother’s murder and her father had been fired from the department. Her father had been determined to get away from all of the cruelness that they had been subjected to and he had wanted her to see the place where her mother had grown up.

So far, Neptune sucked in her eyes. She missed the few friends she has in Fresno, as well as the familiar feeling of the city. Neptune held way too many secrets for her taste.

There were only a couple of things that didn’t suck: meeting her best friend, Wallace, who had befriended her when she had accidentally crashed into him and Logan Echolls, the hottest guy at Neptune High.

She had seen a few Aaron Echolls’ movies over her lifetime, and read many magazine articles, but she never knew that his son was the perfect male specimen on the earth.

She had been trying to find her first period class when she had knocked into him, spilling her backpack and all her books out on the floor. He had mumbled a quick sorry, before flashing her a grin and walking away with a bleach haired boy, who she would soon find out to be Dick Casablancas, and a dark haired boy named Duncan Kane.

As she watched him walk away, she had been slightly surprised to see him look back over his shoulder at her. It was only when Wallace came and helped her pick up her books that she had looked away from his retreating form.

Wallace had introduced himself to her, shown her where her homeroom was, which coincidentally was his as well. They had been friends since.

He found it hilarious- her little crush- which he told her quite often. He knew, just as much as she did, that Logan Echolls would never give her the time of day. He was spoiled, he was rich, he had movie star good looks, and he was popular: everything that she wasn’t.

There was this other reason instead why Logan would never look at her.

Or person.

Lilly Kane.

Lilly Kane was every boys dream girl. She was rich, she was gorgeous, she had a voluptuous body which could drive any man to commit murder for or jump off the roof of a building, as Caz Truman had once said. She had that appeal that made any man do whatever it was that she wanted.

But the boy that Veronica had in mind was the number one guy Lilly had wrapped around her little finger.

Lilly and Logan had been off and on for a few years, Veronica had learned through the high school grapevine. They had had tremulous relationship over the past few months particularly. Lilly would flirt and cheat, which led Logan to getting piss ass drunk, which led him to cheating on her, which only pissed her off and always made her end it.

Lilly would get a new lover for a few weeks until she tired of him and then she would take Logan back. It was an unhealthy relationship and it seemed that each time Logan went through it he shut down more and more.

It saddened Veronica to see this happen to him. He didn’t deserve. He didn’t deserve someone like her. He deserved better. He deserved someone who would love him and be faithful and truthful to him. He deserved someone who would love him through everything. Only he didn’t feel like he needed that sort of love.

“-ronica. Veronica. Veronica,” a voice repeated for the third time.

Veronica’s eyes snapped back into focus to stare at Wallace. “What?”

“You drifted off. The bell rang.”


“Yeah. V, are you alright?” he asked worriedly.

“Of course I am. I’m just thinking about what I have to do at the office today. That’s all.”

Wallace nodded his head. He didn’t really know all that she did, but he knew the basics of her work after school at her dad’s office. She hadn’t ever really been very forthcoming about her past and her family, but he knew enough. He knew that after they had relocated, the Sheriffs department wouldn’t give her father the time of day, so he had set out to make his own in the world. Or rather Neptune.

After Sheriff Lamb had basically spat in his face at the fact that he would never get a job in this town, he had hurried and got himself a private detective license. She soon started working there a few weeks later after a lot of convincing that she wouldn’t do anything dangerous and only be the receptionist.

Armed with his daughter’s puppy dog’s eyes, pouting upper lip, and flip of her hair, Keith Mars crumbled and agreed.

But soon after, Veronica had found herself getting a little bored. She needed a little more excitement.

She had begun by searching through some of her father’s small cases and doing little surveillance work, and doing background checks. When she first helped Wallace’s little crush Georgia, word had spread around school that she was working for her father and was on her way of being a good little detective. It also helped her that no one thought she was the sort to be a detective because of her long blonde hair and soft, innocent blue eyes. Since then she was everyone’s go to girl, despite her appearance. It had caught most of the kids in school’s attention, but it had yet to catch Logan’s.

Veronica sighed and got off the bench to follow Wallace to their lockers. Once Veronica had put her books into her tote-bag, she glanced down the hall. She caught Logan leaning against his locker having a heated conversation with Lilly. Veronica shook her head sadly and walked off.

It seemed like Logan never learned.


“Come here, lover. Its time to earn your keep,” giggled Lilly, as she leaned back on the bed. She quickly switched her position so that she was lying down at the head of the bed. She stared at the ceiling as she awaited her lover.

She didn’t really know when the tide had changed from little movie star crush, to total disdain when they had sex. The sex was good, she had to remind herself. Hell it was always good, but she always got more of a thrill when he was angry and he roughed her up.

She liked the bruises and she liked the pain that he brought her. There was nothing better than a little pain mingled in with the pleasure. Logan just couldn’t understand that need. He didn’t want to be rough when they were together. He wanted to be sweet and tender and whisper all the things that he felt for her. But she didn’t want that. She just wanted to fuck.

Lilly wasn’t quite sure of who went after who. She just knew that one day she was in the Echolls’ pool house changing into her bathing suit, when Mr. Echolls had stumbled in. He had seen her in nothing but her bottoms and he tried to excuse himself in the nicest way possible, but she had seen the way his body reacted to hers. So, it was only fair to walk over to him and help him with his little problem.

The only thing she remembered was getting fucked, hard, up against the wall, while hearing Logan call out for her because she was taking too long to get dressed. Mr. Echolls- no Aaron- had had to cover her mouth with his hand, while he drove hard into her, bumping her clit with each thrust. She had come with Mr. Echolls on her lips.

When he had finished and pulled out of her she had whispered into his ear “you are so much better than your son. You should give him some pointers,” before pulling up her bottoms and putting on her top. She quickly ran out and jumped into the pool so Logan wouldn’t notice her prior activities.

Lilly was pulled out of the past as she glanced up at the ceiling of the pool house. She slowly raised herself up as she saw something shiny reflecting back at her. Something that looked slightly like a camera.

She glanced around her and followed two things on the ceiling that looked like cables. She followed them to a bookcase and she felt around it and soon found what she was looking for. She pulled the bookcase apart, and was shocked to see two monitors. One showed the foot of the bed and one the view from the ceiling, she noted. She quickly looked out to the door to see if Aaron was coming and when she was sure he wasn’t, she pulled open the drawer to see a list of tapes with all kinds of different names on them. “Oh, you dirty dog.”

She saw a few tapes labeled with her name on them. She glanced back before turning her attention back on the tapes. She brushed her fingers over them, before ghosting over other names that she didn’t know and even some that she did.

Lilly heard a sound close to her so she quickly shut the drawer with the tapes in it, before closing the bookcase and jumped back on the bed.

“-Lilly,” a voiced drawled from the door as movie star Aaron Echolls walked in to see her lounging on the bed in wait for him. He quickly shut the door behind him and took off his shirt, stalking her.

It seemed like she would have to get the tapes some other way.


“Okay class, today you will be dissecting a frog. There are many things tha-” began Mr. Wu, which Lilly completely ignored. She hated biology and it sucked donkey’s ass that she had to take it again, because she had failed last year.

She was stuck with a bunch of kids a year younger than her and not one of them was even remotely cool.

Plus, she had other things to do. The most important one of them being she needed to figure out how to get those tapes she had found in the Echolls’ pool house. She knew that if she had the collateral she would be one powerful woman. Plus, it would totally piss off her mom and that was even better than watching Aaron’s reaction to the disappearing tapes. Hell, she knew her mom would have a heart attack if those tapes were to ever go public. She could already read the headline: Movie Star Aaron Echolls Seduces the Young Kane Heiress. That was a headline she could live with.

She knew of course that it would hurt Logan a lot, but there were always casualties, but she was getting ahead of herself. She first had to find out how to get the tapes.

She couldn’t just go over there because she and Logan weren’t together anymore, and if she did go over there Aaron would keep her busy. No. She knew what she had to do. She had to get someone else to go over there and get them. Someone clueless. But she had no idea of whom.

She tuned back in as she heard Mr. Wu announce that they were going to have new lab partners.

“I’m going to do this alphabetically, so that there aren’t any problems.” Mr. Wu counted down the names until he got to Lilly’s. “Ms. Kane and Ms. Mars, you two are partners. Get together,” he replied before starting from where he left off.

Lilly glared at Veronica and made it clear she wasn’t going to move from her seat, and once Veronica was aware of this, she picked up her books and moved into the seat next to Lilly.

Veronica tilted her head to look at Lilly and whispered, “I’m Veronica.”

“You’re that private detective’s daughter right?” whispered Lilly back at her. Veronica nodded her head in the affirmative. “I’m Lilly.”

“Hi,” Veronica replied, before paying attention to what Mr. Wu was teaching.

Lilly stared at Veronica as she pondered this new development. She knew of Veronica Mars. She knew that she worked for her father and had taken a reputation as the go-to-girl when you needed something done.

Maybe this was Lilly’s silver lining afterall. If she could get Veronica to get the tapes, then Aaron would never know it was Lilly and he wouldn’t have any clue of what was happening until it happened. He would totally be blind sided. But the only problem with that was that Veronica’s wasn’t stupid. She wouldn’t do anything like that unless she had good incentive.

The class went quickly as she and Veronica worked together to dissect the frog.

When the bell rang both girls hurriedly gathered their things to get out of there and Lilly bumped into Veronica knocking her notebook out of her hand. Lilly bent down to get it at the same time Veronica did and they knocked into each other again which made the notebook fall open and all its loose leaf papers fly out.

Lilly hurriedly helped her pick them up knowing that if she was going to ask for help than she better be nice to her. After apologizing to her and helping Veronica pick up everything, she watched as Veronica caught sight of that basketball player she hung out with and take off after him.

Lilly gathered her books and took a step forward, her shoe crunching on a piece of paper. She reached down to pick it up. Her smile grew huge as she saw what was on the piece of paper.

It’s funny sometimes, how only the smallest thing can change someone’s life. It was only one line that changed Lilly’s.

Veronica + Logan, forever!


Veronica glanced around the quad at lunch looking for Wallace. She spotted him at their usual table and began to walk towards him as she was accosted by Lilly and a few Lilly clones also known as Shelley Pomeroy, Madison Sinclair, and Susan Knight.

Lilly wrapped her arm around Veronica’s neck and walked with her towards Wallace. “Hey Veronica, do you think you could do me a big favor?” asked Lilly.

“What is it?” asked Veronica timidly. She didn’t know what Lilly wanted, but she knew that it wouldn’t be good.

“I’m going shopping tonight for a dress to wear at one of my dad’s business parties, and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.”


“Yes, you. I have no one to go shopping with because all of them,” Lilly pointed around to the girls walking behind them, “are doing something. So, I figured that since now you and I are lab partners, that this would be a way for us to get to know each other better and if we can get along then our working environment would be better.” Lilly smiled at Veronica, yet she could see the doubt creeping into her eyes.

“I have to work tonight, Lilly.”

“Come on, Veronica. I mean if you ask your dad don’t you think he would say yes?” asked Lilly pouting a little bit. She needed Veronica to go with her. They would be alone and then Lilly could convince her to help out.

Veronica looked at Lilly and saw that Lilly truly wanted her to go, so she sighed and finally told her, “I’ll ask my dad. I’ll call him before school gets out and I’ll meet you by your locker to let you know. Okay?”

Lilly nodded her head. “Thanks, Veronica.”

Veronica continued ahead without Lilly and sat down in front of Wallace.

“What was that about?” asked Wallace after a few minutes of silence.

“Lilly asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her.”

“Veronica, you do know that she is the devil incarnate right?”

“She’s not that bad, Wallace. I mean, she has some issues, but she doesn’t seem that mean.”

Wallace looked at her in shock. “She’s a user, Veronica. All she wants is something so it can better herself. I’m not going to tell you what to do, but be careful. Lilly Kane is dangerous.” He sighed at the end and went back to his lunch.

“I get the message, Wallace. Thanks though, for being such a good friend.” Veronica smiled at him, before pulling out her phone and calling her dad. With only a little pleading, he allowed for her to go out and be a girl and have fun.

She was waiting at Lilly’s locker five minutes before the last bell of the day. Wallace’s warning unheeded.


“So tell me again what this event is for,” asked Veronica tilting her head at Lilly, as she sat on the passenger seat of Lilly’s car.

“My dad and his ‘associates’ are going to be donating like hundred of computers and computer programs throughout the state of California, so he is like hosting the soiree. It’s going to be so boring. Just me, Donut, and Logan will be the only people our age.”

“Logan’s going?” asked Veronica, interested. Anything concerning him interested her.

Lilly picked up on this and smiled. “Yeah, dad said that we could invite one person each so we wouldn’t be totally bored. Since he and Duncan are best friends, Duncan chose him.”

“Oh,” whispered Veronica.

“Hey, I’ve got a great idea. Why don’t you come with me to the event? I haven’t told anyone to come, because honestly those girls bore me. Plus, it will also give us more time to get together and who knows, we might even become really good friends.” Lilly smiled at her, knowing that her plan was blossoming perfectly. Honestly, Veronica Mars was so weak.

“But I don’t have anything to wear, Lilly. I mean, nothing that’s gonna be good enough to go to this little party.”

“Don’t worry; I will totally hook you up with an awesome dress. Plus, I have daddy’s credit card and he’s not going to care if I splurge a little bit.”

“I don’t know, Lilly-” Veronica said undecided. “-I don’t want your dad to have to pay for anything.”

“Oh Veronica, Daddy is not going to car at all. Hell, he would probably be excited to know that I have more friends. Especially someone like you.”

“Really?” asked Veronica.

“Of course. Plus, it’s going to be rockin’. You’ll get to meet Logan and Duncan. You are so gonna get along with both of them. They are awesome.” She smiled brightly as her new friend looked at her with doe eyes.

“I can’t wait,” Veronica said as she smiled at Lilly excitedly. This would be her first big shot party and she was so excited to be going to it with Lilly and not to mention, Logan.


Veronica and Lilly strolled through the mall looking at some of the stores that specialized in dresses. Lilly had already bought hers. A ten thousand dollar black halter-top dress that had a two splits going up both legs ending at her thighs. She knew that her father would probably kill her for it, but it made her look good.

The only problem they had now was searching for Veronica’s dress. Veronica had been being difficult. Each dress wasn’t her, or it was too expensive. Lilly was finally getting tired of it. There seemed be nothing that would please her.

They were strolling out of a store when Lilly saw Logan and Duncan coming out of a video game store.

“Figures they would be coming out of there. I’m surprised though, I thought I taught them better than that.”

“What do you mean, Lil?”

“They shouldn’t be playing video games; they should be looking at porn. I taught them both better than that.” Veronica blushed at that confession.

“Veronica, are you blushing?” asked Lilly grinning wildly. It seemed that Ms. Veronica was still innocent in this world. Something Lilly found hilarious especially in a town like Neptune. “Oh my god, you are.”

“Shut it, Lilly.” Veronica hung her head down in shame and looked at the floor as she tried to stop the blush on her face.

“Oh, Veronica, it’s all right. There is nothing to be ashamed of. I actually find it kind of refreshing.”

“You do?” replied Veronica finally looking at Lilly again. When she saw Lilly nod her head she started to relax. Or she was relaxed until at the last moment Lilly grabbed her arm dragging her over to the boys with a “Lets go say hi.”

Veronica tried to protest, really she did, but by the time she had her mouth working again she had come face to face with the boy she had been dreaming about the last few months.

“Duncan, Logan, this is Veronica. She’s my friend so be nice,” said Lilly laughing slightly at Veronica’s flushing face.

“Hi,” she whispered.

“What’s up?” asked Duncan.

“We’ve met,” said Logan laughing slightly in remembrance.

“You have?” asked Lilly shocked.

“I kind of knocked into him my first day at Neptune. Sorry about that, by the way,” replied Veronica, in a low voice.

“It’s okay. I can take a tiny-itty-bitty-person knocking into me.”

Veronica’s face hardened. “Did you just call me short?”

“No, I said tiny.”

“Which basically means short and for you information, I am not short or tiny. I am just petite. There is nothing wrong with that,” she said defensively.

“Meow, kitten has claws,” giggled Lilly. “I guess we know now not to call you shorty.”

Veronica grinned sheepishly. Her first real conversation with Logan and she got all defensive on him. “Sorry. It’s sort of a sore point for me all my life.”

Logan grinned at her and she knew, she knew, that she would be dreaming about that smile when she went to sleep that night. “Its okay,” he said to her. “I totally understand. But, thanks for the clarification that you are not tiny or short, but that you are very petite. Verrry petite.” Logan laughed at the outrageous look on her face.

Veronica realized that once again he was laughing at her and she pouted. Logan’s eyes softened at this and he put his arm around her neck. “If you are going to hang with us then you need to toughen up.”

“Who said I was going to hang out with you,” she said breathlessly. Logan’s arm around her distracting her from the conversation at hand and she hoped that he didn’t notice.

“I said that you were going to hang out with us, Veronica Mars. I get what I want,” Lilly said as she glanced at Duncan and then to where Logan was finally removing his arm around Veronica. Finally Lilly said, “I convinced Veronica, to come to dad’s little event.” The curvy blonde hitched her eyebrow up at the suggestion, and gave a pointed look at the boys.

“Right on,” said Duncan nodding his head and slightly checking her out.

“You know that it’s going to be boring, right?” asked Logan.

“Then why are you going?” replied Veronica, back at him.

“Touché,” he said.

“As much fun as this has been which it totally wasn’t. Veronica and I have some shopping to finish. So, boys, if you will excuse us, we will take our leave.” Lilly looped her arm around Veronica’s and pulled her along.

Veronica got to throw out a quick, “It was nice to meet you,” before she and Lilly turned the corner. Veronica had a permanent grin on her face the rest of the day and she didn’t even notice when Lilly finally bought her a five-thousand dollar dress.

When Lilly had finally pulled up to Veronica’s apartment she turned to her and asked, “Did you have fun?”

“It was a blast, Lilly. Thank you so much.”

“It’s no problem. I’m glad we were partnered in class, Veronica.”

“Me too,” she replied as she opened the door and turned back to get her bags. “Thanks Lilly. I mean it.”

“It’s cool. So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” Lilly asked eagerly.

Veronica nodded and waited until Lilly had pulled away before running up to her apartment and grabbing the phone intent on calling Wallace.

“You will never believe what happened today…” she began, before telling him about of the best day of her life.


The next morning, Veronica awoke from a peaceful dream. She and Logan had been lounging about in his pool, even though she had never seen it before, and he had whispered in her ear all the dirty little things that he wanted to do to her.

Stretching, Veronica got out of bed and headed to the shower.

Soon she was ready and made her way into the living room, briefly stopping to give her dad a kiss before heading out the door. She heard a honk and looked up to see Lilly and Duncan pulling in. Lilly rolled down the passenger side window and yelled, “Get in.”

Veronica grinned and hurried to the car jumping in and saying hello. “So, not that I’m not grateful or anything, but you didn’t tell me you were coming to pick me up.”

“I know. I wanted to surprise you. I figured since you were so cool to come with me yesterday that it was the least I could do. Plus, I love driving. So, the more that I can drive, the better it is.” Lilly smiled at Veronica, and cranked up the stereo.

Lilly pulled into the Neptune High parking lot fifteen minutes before the bell was scheduled to ring and it was the busiest time of the morning. Every one watched as Veronica, Duncan, and Lilly got out of Lilly’s car.

Lilly came around to Veronica’s side and linking their arms like she had at the mall. They walked into the school side by side and everyone knew that Lilly had a new toy.

Veronica was soon introduced to many of the same 09ers who never gave her the time of day before, unless she was helping them with a case or something. She was so busy meeting everyone else she was surprised when Logan came around wrapping his arms around both her and Lilly.

Veronica blushed and Lilly laughed. Veronica glanced up at Logan and was about to give him a small smile, when she caught eyes with Wallace.

She motioned to Lilly that she would talk with her later and made her way over to Wallace.

“Hey, girl.”

“Hey. Sorry for talking your ear off last night.”

“Its okay,” he said grabbing his calculus book. “I’m glad you had fun.”

“I did. It was nice to hang out with a girl for once. No offense,” she said quickly.

“Nah, I get it. It’s why I hang out with my b-ball buddies, so you don’t effeminate me.” Wallace snuck a quick smile before she hit his arm.

“So you won’t mind if I hang out with Lilly some more?” She didn’t want to lose her first friend in Neptune, but Lilly Kane was a huge step in the right direction socially.

“No, I don’t. As long as you don’t forget a brotha, then I don’t mind. Just be careful. That kind of life they lead can be addicting and the last thing I want is for you to get hurt.”

Veronica looked at him and smiled softly. “Thanks, Wallace.” Veronica leaned forward giving him a hug, unaware of Logan’s soft brown eyes on her.


Veronica made her way to the quad when, again, she was dragged off by Lilly.

“I already informed Wallace that you were sitting with me today, and I offered him to come and he declined saying he would hang with his boys. So that leaves you with me.”

“But-” Veronica began…

“No. No buts. You are sitting over there with me Veronica Mars, and you are going to enjoy yourself.”

“Lilly, I don’t know anyone of them, and the few that I do know, the only reason they were even nice was because I helped them with a case or problem.”

“Don’t worry about them. I’ll handle them. They won’t say anything bad to you. I won’t let them. You need to stop worrying about so many things Veronica; it’ll give you wrinkles.”

“Okay, Lilly. I’ll sit over there, with you, since you sent Wallace to his boys.”

“That’s a girl.” Veronica allowed Lilly to pull Veronica along with her and made her sit down between her and Logan.

Veronica could feel Logan’s heat from her leg and his being pressed together.

Logan turned his eyes to hers. “How are you Ms. Mars?” he said with a small grin.

“I am fine. I was accosted by this one next to me.”

“You were?” he asked in mock seriousness trying to stop the smile that was starting to creep upon his face.

“Yes, it was the most horrible thing I have ever been through,” she said with a fake sigh.

“I’m sure.” He laughed at her look of sadness. And quickly shut up when he saw Lilly glare at him.

“What are we doing after school, Lilly?” asked Madison.

“You and I? Nothing. Me and Veronica, we’re going to my house.” Lilly looked at Veronica to see if she was interested and Veronica nodded that she was.

“But, I thought we had plans to go shopping?” replied Madison snidely.

“Plans change, Madison. I went shopping yesterday. I don’t need to go shopping again. You were too busy to go yesterday, and I am too busy to go today. Find someone else to go with. Veronica and I are hanging out after school.” Lilly huffed at Madison’s indignation and quickly shifted her position to ignore the annoying blonde.

Veronica watched all this with amazement. She was shocked that Lilly wanted to ditch all of her other friends that she had known a lot longer and hang out with her. Veronica smiled at Lilly and she smiled back.

Logan signaled his hand and a pizza guy came forward. After Logan paid for the pizza he grabbed a plate and loaded it on for her. Veronica smiled at him, and accepted it. She could get used to this.


“Mom, dad, this is my friend, Veronica. She just moved to Neptune a few months ago.”

“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Kane. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Lilly and Duncan have said so many great things about,” answered Veronica, trying to make a good impression.

Celeste Kane turned her eyes to Veronica, calculating how honest she was being. “I find it highly unbelievable that Lillian said anything positive.”


“Excuse me?” asked Veronica, trying to understand why Mrs. Kane was being so icy towards her.

“Don’t mind her, Veronica. What are your parent’s names? I don’t think I’ve met them.”

“My dad is Keith and my moms name was Lianne,” she said softly.

“Was?” asked Celeste.

“She died a few months ago. That’s why we moved to Neptune. My dad wanted to be far away from where we used to live, plus this was where my mom grew up and figured that I should see it and grow up here.”

Jake looked at her closely. “What was your mother’s maiden name?”

“Reynolds. Why? Did you know her?”

She knew exactly who Jake was referring to. Celeste Kane was not a stupid woman. She knew about their previous relationship, and she knew just what kind of woman Lianne Reynolds was. She was a drunken slut, who went around wrecking lives and families. Right after they had had Lillian, Lianne had come to visit her parents before they died and Jake and Lianne had rekindled their relationship during her stay in Neptune. And now, that slut’s daughter was here. Just perfect. Celeste huffed and left the room.

“Yes, I knew your mother. I didn’t know that she had passed,” he said softly, saddened by the fact that he would never see her again. But then again, he could see Lianne in Veronica, which gave him some comfort. “How did she…” he said, leaving the sentence unfinished.

“She was murdered,” whispered Veronica softly.

Jake Kane looked down. His love was murdered and he had no idea. He had kept tabs on her to make sure that he knew what was happening in her life, but soon Celeste had found out and pulled out all the stops to keep him from watching his ex-girlfriend. Every once in a while he would get a report, but his most recent report was at least nine months old.

“I’m very sorry, Veronica.”

Veronica looked up at Jake and asked, “Were you and my mother close?”

Jake looked pensive for a moment before he answered, “We used to be friends, a long time ago.” That was all he could say, before he left the room to adjourn to his study.

“Well, that was interesting.” Lilly said as she looked at Veronica’s duped expression and began laughing. “Come on, I’ll show you my room.”

“I don’t think your mom likes me.”

“My mom doesn’t like anyone unless they are Duncan. Don’t worry about it.”

Veronica turned to the direction that Jake Kane had just left through and gazed at the closed door. Lilly noticed this and grabbed her hand pulling her along until they reached her room.


Veronica entered her room with a smile on her face. Spending the day at Lilly’s had been just what she needed. It seemed like since Lilly had befriended her, her life had gotten more and more perfect. She had great best friend in Wallace, a new friend in Lilly, and she was getting to know Duncan and, more importantly, Logan. Veronica knew that a big part of her happiness the past few days was because she got to spend time with Logan.

She just couldn’t help it though. The more that they had talked at lunch the more she fell for him. He was just so perfect. She knew that he must have had some flaws, because no one was that perfect. But the more she got to know him, the more she liked him.

He was actually very sweet and funny, which was so different from the persona that he put out for the rest of the world. Everyone thought he was an asshole, and she could admit that yeah, he could be, but everyone was an asshole once in a while. She knew that she could be one a few days of the month.

Veronica was so caught up in her memories of the day that she never heard the knock on her door, but she quickly sat up when her father snuck his head around the door frame. She smiled at him and then at his expression she quickly lost her smile.

Her father walked in and sat next to her on her bed. He looked down before looking at her. She knew that something big was up, but she didn’t know what it could be.
“Hey.” Veronica sat up from her bed facing him.

“How was your day?” asked Keith, sitting up straight waiting for her answer.

She didn’t know how to answer, so she pondered on what to say. “It was great. I had a lot of fun.”

“You were with Lilly again today, weren’t you?” he asked quietly.

Veronica nodded her head. She wasn’t sure why, but she had the strangest feeling that her dad didn’t like Lilly.

“You guys are getting close, aren’t you?” he continued, waiting for an answer. It was received when she nodded her head again. “What do you think of her?”

“I like her. She’s really cool and it’s been awhile since I’ve had a close girlfriend. Wallace is great and everything, but he doesn’t understand the concept of doing…” it took her moment to figure out her choice of words, “girlie- things.”

Keith smiled and nodded. He understood her need to be around the girls her age. Sometimes her worried about her, about how much time she spent in the office, and how much she isolated herself.

He knew that her mother’s death affected her greatly and that she tried to cover it up and be strong for him. He also knew that the move from Fresno to Neptune was difficult—hell, it been hard on him. Losing all her friends and her mother in such a short time was bound to be detrimental. The transition had been difficult for her, he realized.

“I’m glad you and her are becoming friends, sweetie. Just be careful. That family is very powerful and I’ve heard some things about them.”

Veronica looked at him. “What have you heard?”

Keith glanced down before looking back up at her, “That family doesn’t care about other people. If they feel threatened or feel something is wrong, they only have loyalty to themselves. With that kind of money the things they could do are endless.”

Veronica nodded. She knew that her dad was protective and that he didn’t trust easily. He had learned his lesson in Fresno when they had mishandled her mother’s case because they just wanted to close the case.

She looked at her dad and asked the question that had plagued her when she first heard it. “Dad, did you know that Jake Kane and mom knew each other?”

Keith was startled at this question. He had no idea that Jake would have brought Lianne up. He pondered over what to tell her. He knew that she would want to know the truth, but he wasn’t ready to let her know everything. He figured that it would be best to tell her some of what was between Jake and Lianne, but he wouldn’t tell her everything. “Your mother and Jake Kane used to date when she was in high school. Before graduation they broke up and went to different colleges. She had a lot of friends here in Neptune, so I’m not surprised that you met one.”

“So let me get this straight: Mom and Jake Kane dated?” Veronica asked incredulity. After receiving a nod from her father, she nodded her head in acceptance. “That’s weird.”

Keith laughed, but it was short lived because he knew that she would be upset that he hadn’t told her the whole story. But that was for another day. He wouldn’t tell her today, but someday he’d tell her about the affair. And her true parentage.


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Wait! Do we download every file link or just one?
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oooooh i'm fascinated with this plot. veronica pining after logan is too sweet. it surprises me that she is still so naive after the death of her mother and working cases with her father though.
and Lilly. omg. what is she up to? i'm so glad you aren't going to torture me with multiple parts. :D
19th-Nov-2006 09:55 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I like. This line was great--
Jake looked pensive for a moment before he answered, “We used to be friends, a long time ago.”

Off to read the next part! :D
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