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VM - 121 Logan V Kiss
Title: Come, Break Me Down
Author: Melissa aka misa_05
Rating: NC-17 *In some Parts*
Disclaimer: Now time for my vague disclaimer. NOTHING IS MINE. All belong to RT.
Pairing: L/V, Lilly, ensemble.
Word Count: *Blushes* Um,... 38,000 words... Hee... *Blushes*
Spoilers: Um... Its AU. Really AU, but with bits of canon mixed in. If you know Lilly slept with Aaron, then you are set. Thats all you need to know.
Summary: Can life be a fairytale?
Author Notes: This was written for vm_fairytales, my fairytale was The Little Mermaid.. Mucho thanks go to afrocurl for betaing and listening to me whine. Finajk also gets much love for betaing. worldwasasong and synful_trixxie get much love for hearing me whine about it. This wouldn't have been written without all of you.
An2: Cross Posted Like Woah... and um... I love feedback.

I also Made a little soundtrack... heee...

CBMD - Link 1 CBMD - Link 2 CBMD - Link 3

She glanced around the quad to make sure no one was looking and she then went back to her favorite subject. Gazing at Logan Echolls. She picked up her flower to continue her little fantasy.Collapse )
VM - 121 Logan V Kiss
Title: Its Just a Ride. 1/1
Author: Me ----- Melissa
Rating: Hard R or Soft NC-17 *in some parts*
Spoilers: None. If you have seen all episodes aired of SPN so far and all BTVS episodes than you should be safe.
Word Count: 3000+
AN/Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me. They are from other people.... lucky ass people. I wish I could own them... but I don't.
AN2: Um... this is my first forray into SPN fic... and its been a really long time since I have written BTVS. Veronica Mars has had my brain for the last couple of years... So this is my virgin piece for this fandom.
AN3: This is written from Dean in 2nd POV.

Mucho Kisses go to Lisa for the beta.

I hope you like.

And that night you sob. Your face blanketed by your baby brother’s pillow. Your family has just been split again, and it tears you up inside.Collapse )
VM - 121 Logan V Kiss
Band/Song: Who Knew by Pink
Character/Ship: Veronica/Duncan, Wallace/Jackie, Mac/Cassidy
Episodes: Everything
Size: 9 mb.
Summary: A look on the relationships of DV, MC, and WJ.
Authors Notes: This is the first time I used Sony Vegas Studio so I would love some feedback on it. Hope you enjoy.

VM - 121 Logan V Kiss
Band/Song: "Gone Away" by Cold
Character/Ship: Logan/Veronica
Episodes: up to and including 222
Size: 12 MB
Links: See Notes
Notes: Click on the picture to follow which link you want.

Click on the pic for the link you wantCollapse )
6th-Jul-2006 07:34 am - 28 Veronica Mars Icons....
VM - 121 Logan V Kiss
Veronica Mars Episode: Drinking the Kool-Aide (1-12)
Veronica Mars Episode: An Echolls Family Christmas (13-16)
Veronica Mars Episode: Silence of the Lamb (17-20)
Veronica Mars Episode: Clash of the Tritons (21-28)

AN: Ignore 29 and 30.

Comment because I love comments.
If you take anything let me know.
Do Not Steal.
No hotlinking. Hotlinking is not cool and makes me upset.
Textless icons are never bases.
Do not alter in any way.
Credit either this journal or myself misa_05
And did I mention to comment and drop me a line to say hello?

28 Veronica Mars IconsCollapse )
30th-Jun-2006 06:49 am - Season Three Soundtrack
VM - 121 Logan V Kiss
I am stuck on dial up for a while, so if any of the links run out or if they don't work leave me a comment with your email and I'll send the song you want to you. Just to let everyone know that Sendspace and YSI were both being a bitch... I hope you like it.

X-Posted to my journal misa_05 and vm_boardwalk

Veronica Mars Season Three ChallengeCollapse )
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