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Art by Melissa
Fic: Between Love and ... (Logan/Veronica; NC-17) 
7th-Dec-2006 05:14 pm
VM - 121 Logan V Kiss
Title: Between Love and ...
Authors: misa_05 and afrocurl
Characters/Parings: Logan, Veronica; Logan/Veronica. Mercer, Piz, Wallace mentions.
Word Count: 1999
Rating: soft NC-17 for sexual situations
Spoilers: Through 309, as this fic is a different take on one scene. No reveals about the rapist
Summary: Sometimes emotions take over, and well...
Disclaimer: Roz and I are in no way associated with Veronica Mars. Rob Thomas and The CW have total control--we just borrowed them. No infringement intented.
Notes: Written as a birthday present to synful_trixxie. Have a wonderful day, hun. Thanks are also given out to wily_one24 for the beta on this. At this point, all mistakes belong to Misa and I.

Veronica wasn’t expecting to see Logan at the Pi Sig party, but while looking around for Chip Diller, there he was, leaning against the wall, talking to Mercer.

A lump developed in her throat as she regarded him across the room. She still hadn’t processed the break up with Logan the day before and she didn’t imagine that seeing him would be this painful. Instead, she was dumbstruck and unable to really move beyond the spot in the frat house.

Moments later, she realized that Logan had been staring at her while she was lost in her thoughts. This was definitely not the best way to see him again. Sucking up the nervous energy that had built in her since seeing Logan across the room, she slowly made her way over to them.

Awkwardly, she said, “Hi,” before Logan responded in kind. Mercer stood around looking like he was annoyed at the entire exchange before he left Logan’s side. Veronica took this as the more appropriate moment to talk about why she was around the party—especially when she wasn’t carrying a white or red Solo cup.

“I came in case someone was drugged,” she mumbled as the music of the band outside droned her out.

“Figured.” He looked down, trying to avoid her eye contact anymore.

Veronica shakily laughed, “I am what I am. I can’t change that.”

Veronica looked down, a silence overcoming the both of them. It was because of who she was that he had finally ended things. He may have said that he didn’t want to disappoint her, but she knew that was a lie and that she was the reason.

“How are you?” he asked, nervously.

Veronica shrugged. She really didn’t want to go into specifics. He didn’t need to know that she had spent the rest of the day before in a daze, trying to pretend that everything was fine, before breaking down in the shower. “I’m okay. I want to catch this fucker, but other than that I’m okay.”

Logan nodded. He took a quick glance around the room before quickly grabbing her along and pulling her into a room. “I don’t want you looking for him. It’s dangerous, Veronica.”

Veronica’s mouth widened in shock at his declaration. She knew how dangerous the situation was. It had only been a few weeks ago, but she still remembered the feeling of the GHB rushing through her body, making everything hazy. She remembered waking up at home with Logan and her father with her. She remembered waking up at Shelley Pomeroy’s house. It wasn’t an experience that she ever wanted anyone else to experience. Too many girls had already been through this and she was tired of it.

“I’m not going to stop, Logan. And I’m especially not going to stop now that I’m close to him. He put that ad in the paper for a reason. He is begging us to try and figure out who he is.”

Logan shook his head; unable to disregard the conversation they had had yesterday. “You still aren’t understanding, Veronica. I don’t want anything to happen to you. Why can’t you see that?”

Veronica looked up into Logan’s eyes, raising a hand to rest it against his cheek. “I understand, Logan. I really do. I just want to get justice for all of these girls. For Parker. None of them deserved it. Not one of them. No one looked for my rapist and it almost destroyed me. When I catch this guy, at least these girls will get some semblance of peace and be able to sleep better at night.”

Logan took a deep breath, letting it out noisily. He brought his hand up to grip hers, which was still against his cheek. “Promise me you’ll be careful? And I mean it—the first thing that happens to you and you’ll call me? Or better yet, don’t go anywhere by yourself, make sure you have Wallace or Mac or someone always with you.”

Veronica nodded.

Logan took a step away from her, walking towards the door. Veronica called out to him. “It was me; wasn’t it? The reason you broke up with me, it was because of me.”

Logan stilled. “It was because of everything, Veronica. I couldn’t keep going like that.”

“I know and I don’t blame you. I blame myself, mostly. It’s hard wanting to change, but not being able to.” Veronica released a pent up breath, finally saying what she had wanted to say to him. “I meant it though. When I told you how I felt. I don’t always say it, but I do.”

Logan turned to look at her before walking over to her, “I never doubted you, Veronica. I just – I couldn’t keep going back to how we were. It wasn’t healthy and I know you have issues and I have issues and it’s a mess, but I meant what I said. If you need me, you know I’ll be there, but its like you never need me.” He laid a kiss on her forehead that was still as bittersweet as the last one he had bestowed. He then turned to walk away again and she grabbed him, turning him around reaching up to kiss him.

She poured all of herself into the kiss. The hurt and pain she felt when she looked at him, because of their separation, the love that she felt, but she could never tell or show. She poured all of it inside that kiss, needing him to know that she did need him. She needed him so much that it scared her.

She had never needed anyone the way she needed Logan Echolls. The need she felt for him had sprouted their roots a long time ago. When they were younger, she had needed his protectiveness and fierceness. And now at the age of 19 she still needed him. She needed him to love her, to take care of her, to be her friend – her oldest friend, to be her confidant. She wanted him to be everything.

Veronica reluctantly broke the kiss, her breath coming in small gasps, “I do need you. More than you know.” She leaned up again, wrapping her arms around his neck, bringing her body flush with his. It felt as if her body hadn’t been surrounded by his for a long while and her body sang at the contact of his flesh against hers.

Logan, never one to remain passive, circled her waist with his arms, drawing her back into him. He picked her up, pressing her against the wall as he took over their kiss. Both knew what was coming and both knew that this wasn’t the best of ideas, but the fire in their blood sang for the urge to join together.

Veronica locked her legs tighter around Logan’s waist, pressing kisses down his neck, her hands roaming his broad, strong shoulders. She ran her fingers through his dark, thick hair while he placed his own kisses down her neck, biting gently at her pulse point.

Heart pounding wildly, Veronica brought her legs down from Logan’s waist, before looking up in his eyes. She ran her hands down the front of his chest and then back up again, gently scraping against his nipples. Her fingers snuck underneath the fabric of his shirt as she began to raise it so she could see his tanned body.

She soon ran her hands back down his torso, connecting with his belt. She gently unbuckled his belt and soon quickly unbuttoned his pants. The sound of his zipper echoed in the room around them, along with their harsh breathing concealed the noise of his jeans falling to the floor.

“Veronica…what are we doing?” he asked hesitantly, as he looked at her still completely dressed.

“Acting on an impulse. Something we should have been doing for a long time,” she responded as she worked on the buttons of her jeans. Slowly sliding the jeans down her legs, Veronica looked back at Logan as his eyes grew wider at her movements.

“I think I can handle that,” he replied as he moved one hand from her waist to the heat at the apex of her legs. Slowly he glided one finger down her satin panties to see just how much she wanted him. Veronica arched her back in response, where she hit her head against the wall of the room as Logan continued to move his finger in and out of her warmth.

“That…you…can…” she sputtered out, rocking her hips against his single digit. On her next movement away from him, Logan brought out a second finger and continued to work at her with more pressure.

Tension was building up in Veronica at the stimulation he was providing. One day of separation and she was already falling apart at his touch—this was never a good thing, she thought through her clouded mind.

“I need more,” she moaned, hoping that Logan would understand her desire to have him in her quickly.

A moment later, she noticed the lack of contact from Logan’s hand. Moving her head back to Logan’s general direction, she saw him pulling down his boxers and moving back towards her. She tugged at the elastic of her panties, willing them off her hips as quickly as possible.

Once the offending satin was around her knees, Logan thrust into her quickly, hoping to reinvigorate Veronica again. They moved together in rhythm, as if nothing else in the world mattered—no rapists, no friends outside looking for drugged girls—only the two of them. Veronica wrapped one leg around one of Logan’s trying to bring him closer to give her more stimulation. Placing one arm at her hips, Logan steadied Veronica to the new pace he was setting, before he moved it closer to her clit, trying to add to the pressure.

Veronica’s breath became more labored as Logan continued to rub her clit. Arching her back against the wall as she let out a small moan, Logan covered his mouth with hers to keep anyone from interrupting. Coming apart on him, Veronica felt Logan continue to pump into Veronica as she rode the waves of her orgasm.

Finally able to breathe again, Veronica looked at Logan through lidded eyes and smiled. “Thanks,” she said coyly as a loud knock wrapped at the door.

“No problem,” he whispered, before withdrawing from her. Moving away, he quickly pulled up his boxers and jeans, trying to adjust his still hard length. He nodded at her, before Veronica pulled up her underwear and jeans. “One sec,” he yelled through the door to whoever was outside.

Righting her clothes, Veronica moved away from the wall and then walked towards the door. She looked back at Logan before opening the door. Wallace and Piz stood on the other side, sharing a look of disbelief.

“We found a girl,” Wallace stated flatly.

“Where is she?” Veronica asked, just after her BFF finished his sentence.

“With Moe and Fern in the Safe Ride car. They’re taking her back to her room right now,” said Piz, trying to feel like he wasn’t an awkward fourth wheel to this situation.

“Thanks guys! I’m going to follow the Safe Ride car. Can you two find her friends?” she asked the roommates.

“No problem, V. Come on, man.” Wallace patted Piz on the shoulder before the two of them left the room.

Logan hunched over against the couch where he had moved to earlier, before sighing in disbelief. It hadn’t taken him more than forty-eight hours after their break up for him to fuck Veronica again.

So much for my self-restraint, he thought, before he left the room. Walking back to his car, he still had the image of Veronica against the wall in his mind. That was exactly what he needed to imagine as soon as he arrived back at the Grand. There was still business to which he needed to take care of.


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