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Art by Melissa
CBMD Part 5 
14th-Nov-2006 11:49 pm
VM - 121 Logan V Kiss
It’s been fun, really, but let’s just face it, you don’t do it for me anymore,” she replied, laughing giddily.

“Oh really?” replied a gruff, hardened voice.

“Yeah, really. I mean, it was fun right? You got what you wanted, I got what I wanted. It was a wonderful mutual partnership. The sex was awesome, but let’s just face it. You aren’t capable of getting me off anymore. The last few times, I had to fake it and let me tell you, if you can’t satisfy me, then you are out the door.”

The line went quiet. “You think that it’s that simple, little girl? You don’t get to say when it’s over. I do. Listen you little bitch, you aren’t anything special. You’re a little girl, trying to play dress up in a grown woman’s clothes. Sexually, you do nothing for me. The only reason I even began to play with you was because I knew it would take only a single look from me to get your panties wet and for you to be on my bed with your thighs open. It was so easy too. It didn’t even take a look.”

“You’re an asshole, you know.”

“I am aware. But it doesn’t change the facts. You’re a slut, Lilly, and that’s all you’ll ever be. So okay, you’re no longer my slut anymore. That’s okay. I have a list of women just waiting to have my turn with them, and have no doubt that most have them are more sexually experienced than you.”

Lilly swallowed. “I’m glad you think that. But, you’ll never get anything as good as me.”

Aaron laughed. “Hmm, I do believe that my son is dating someone new. Veronica is her name, right? Innocent and beautiful, I can only imagine what it would be like to get between her thighs.”

Lilly laughed. She knew that would never happen. “It won’t happen. Veronica is too much of a good girl to ever do anything with you. No Aaron, I think all you’ll have left to screw is your two dollar whores and your alcoholic wife. Tell sweet Lynn that her lips need new work. Her bottom lip is starting to deflate.” Lilly hung up her phone, breathing hard.

There was no way she was going to let Aaron Echolls talk to her like that. No way in hell.


Veronica giggled in his ear, earning another tickle from his large hands. She tried to scramble away from him, with no luck as he grabbed her sides, pulled her closer than she had been just before.

It had only been a week since his party, but since that night they had grown closer: not only physically, but mentally. After they had gone down stairs that night he had kept her close, not letting her leave her side. She had been a little disappointed when Lilly never showed up, but that thought was quickly forgotten when Logan helped to distract her mind.

She had spent the rest of the night at Logan’s side and had gotten to know Meg a little better. Meg was a sweet girl, but Veronica could see the shadows that were hidden behind her big beautiful eyes.

She was pulled out of her thoughts of the party by Logan’s arms pinning her tightly to him. They were seated at one of Neptune’s many parks and they watched as some of the 09er boys gathered around to play a few games of basketball and soccer. It was a nice day and they wanted to spend it together, but Veronica had promised Lilly and Logan had promised Duncan that they would be there.

Duncan was in the middle of a soccer game with a few of his buddies while Lilly was flipping through a magazine she was reading, sitting next to them on their blanket. “You guys are disgusting,” replied Lilly, looking at them being all couply. It made her sick.

After another ticklish spot had been reached, Veronica giggled over to Lilly, “No, we are not.” Veronica tried once again to crawl away, but just like last time was scooped back up and deposited into Logan’s lap, his lips finding their way to the side of her neck, giving her a loving kiss.

“Yes, you are,” replied Lilly, turning onto her back and gazing at the sun, pulling her sunglasses down to cover her eyes. Lilly turned her head discreetly to watch Logan and Veronica kiss and cuddle. Something had happened. Something neither of them was telling her. They hadn’t had sex yet, that she was sure of, but their relationship had stepped up to a whole new level.

“I don’t care if we are gross, if you don’t want to watch then don’t,” shot Logan, cradling Veronica closer to him, soaking in her warmth. He brought his hand up to slide it through her hair, playing with it. He could feel her melt more into him and he knew that there was nothing better about this feeling. He had never really cuddled with someone. Lilly had never wanted to be that close to him and on the off chance she did hug him or play with him it was just to play a part. He liked that he knew that all of Veronica’s touches meant something. It was comforting to know that she was feeling the exact same way that he was.

Logan, Veronica and Lilly continued to chit chat about mundane things until Logan excused himself to go to the bathroom.

Lilly and Veronica began talking about Logan’s party and Lilly explained why she hadn’t come to it. Celeste had found some pictures of a guy that Lilly had messed around with when she went to France and had a full out bitch fest, which left Lilly grounded. Veronica nodded in sympathy and then went on to tell her about the party. Veronica left out what happened with her and Logan thinking that it would be too weird to talk to Lilly about her ex boyfriend.

When Meg came and flopped herself down next to Veronica, Lilly excused herself.

Lilly made her way the same direction Logan had and caught him as he came out of the guy’s restroom. She pushed him hard against the wall, aligning their bodies so that she could feel every inch of him.

Logan sputtered out, “Lilly, what the hell are you doing?” He brought his hands up to push her away, but she caught them in her hands and brought them down to his sides.

She leaned up against him, her mouth at his ear, nipping at it and dragging it into her succulent mouth. “Come on Logan, it’ll be like old times. Don’t tell me you haven’t missed me?” She rubbed her stomach that was against his crotch and he gasped.

“Lil, stop it. It’s not going to happen,” he stated. This only caused her to rub against him harder.

She looked up into his brown eyes and leaned up to give him a chaste kiss, in which he hurriedly tried to turn his head. The kiss landed on his cheek. She brought her mouth back up against his ear and whispered, “Do you remember that one time, when Duncan had a soccer game here? I followed you over here and you fucked me against this wall? I remember Logan. And so do you. It was only a few months ago, and I can remember every single second of it.”

He whimpered, struggling to get away. He didn’t want to hear this, and he sure as hell didn’t want to be pressed up against her curvy body. He was with someone else. He was with someone that he could love – who he was already starting to love and that person wasn’t Lilly. He loved Veronica, and standing in front of Lilly was betraying his new girlfriend.

“I remember how you pounded me up against the wall. You didn’t even take my panties off; you just pushed them to the side and drove right into me, like I was all you needed. You think you need Veronica, but you don’t. You’ll always need me, Logan.” Lilly brought her hand down his stomach, stroking lightly, in a caress that had always brought him to attention.

Logan tried to fight his body from responding, he really did, but he remembered what it was like to fuck her against the wall that he was currently resting on, thinking that she was his and that she always would be. He remembered what it was like to be inside her, surrounded by her warmth, as she screamed at him to fuck her harder. All of that with the way she was touching him, made his body respond. He hated himself for it, but he was only human and Lilly was a beautiful girl, who knew his body probably better than he knew it himself.

Lilly smiled gleefully. She loved being able to reduce him to this. She knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist her. He never had before and he wouldn’t now. Veronica was only a passing fling. He could never be satisfied with her. Lilly knew that Veronica would never be as good as her.

She took his ear between her teeth as she began to unbutton his pants. She eased the zipper down and each click that it made she took a bit of his neck into her mouth, sucking on it. “No one will ever be able to make you feel this way – to make your body respond this way.” Her hand ventured down, down, until she reached his cock. She gave him a soft stroke, once, twice and when she squeezed, he jumped, and pushed her away.

“I can’t do this, Lilly,” he said, in a hurried breath, pulling his pants back up, breathing heavily. “I can’t. Not to Veronica. Jesus, Lilly, she’s your friend. You helped us get together. What the hell do you think you are doing?”

Lilly looked away from him. She was breathing shakily, shocked that he had been able to push her away. She turned back to him, “What does it look like, Logan?”

Logan’s mouth opened and he quickly shut it. “I think that things are going rough for you right now, and that this is all just a misunderstanding.” Logan nodded his head. That’s what he was going to stick to and that was that.

“Really? Well, you just keep thinking about that. But Logan, remember what I said today, especially when you go and take care of –” she left the sentence open finishing her sentence with a wave of her hand.

“Go home, Lilly.” Logan looked at her. He just wanted her out of his sight. His body was tightly wound, excited, and aching for a release. A release he had denied himself because he didn’t want to hurt Veronica.

She nodded. “Remember lover,” she finished, walking away from him with a bounce in her step.

He watched as she walked back over to Veronica, giving her a kiss on both cheeks and gathering her things, before saying goodbye and getting into her car, blowing a kiss his way.

God he was so fucked.


Lilly looked into the mirror that was tacked on to her locker. She reached into her purse to grab her cherry lip gloss. She opened the cap and moved to put it on when her locker was quickly slammed shut.

“What the hell are you doing?” said an irate voice.

Lilly looked up to look at Veronica and smiled, “What does it look like I’m doing?” lifting up her hand to show the gloss.

“I meant, what the hell are you doing with Logan?” Veronica could still fill the rage that was inside her when Logan came back to sit down with her the day before, flushed and fumbling for words. She knew he hadn’t wanted her to know, but she also knew that he couldn’t not tell her.

So she sat there, listening to him as he told her of all the things Lilly had been saying since they had gotten together. That Veronica was only a little fling for him and that once he had gotten between her spread legs he would break up with her and then go running back to Lilly. He told her about how Lilly had pushed him up against the wall outside the bathroom and had tried to give him a hand job telling him that Veronica would never measure up.

Listening to him telling her these things, feeling the tears that were welling behind her eyes, she now knew why she should have trusted Wallace. Wallace had warned her that Lilly was only interested in herself and that she would play with all of them.

Logan had apologized; whispering to her how sorry he was and that he didn’t do anything and that he had pushed her away. Veronica was comforted by the fact that he had pushed Lilly away, but it was a blow to her heart knowing that Lilly cared so little for her.

“I asked you a question, Lilly. What the fuck are you doing?”

“Oh, Veronica, did you really think you were going to be enough for him?” Lilly shook her head, and opened her locker back up. “I mean, come on, there is no way you can handle Logan. He and I have this connection. And look at it this way, at least you’ve had some time with him.” She looked in the mirror and applied her lip gloss.

Veronica’s face grew tight. “You listen to me, Lilly. Stay away from Logan, or I’ll tell him that you screwed Weevil and he’ll never talk to you again. You’ll be a slut in his eyes.”

Lilly turned her head back towards Veronica. “Don’t you even fucking dare, Veronica Mars, or I’ll tell him that you were only with him seeking fame. That you have this dream to become an actress and that you were only using him to get with close to his dad, and besides, you don’t have any proof that I was ever with Weevil.”

“Yes, I do. I overheard Weevil talking to you on his phone.”

“That doesn’t prove anything, Veronica Mars. And I thought you were a detective.”

“Stay away from Logan, Lilly. I’m warning you. You don’t want to mess with me.” Veronica slammed Lilly’s locker once again, making everyone in the vicinity turn their heads toward them

Lilly sobered up. “I can destroy you ten times worse, than you can ever do to me, Veronica. I know you’ve heard the story about Cindy. I can do all that and worse. Don’t. Fuck. With. Me.” Lilly gave her a deadly glare, before taking her purse that had been on the top of her locker and walking away.

Veronica stood there, as she walked away. When she finally had the ability to move, the only thing she could hear was Lilly’s laughter ringing in the halls.


“Hi, Mrs. Echolls, is Logan home,” asked Lilly, quietly.

“No, dear, he’s with Dick and some of his friends. Can I help you?” she asked softly. It was true that Lynn Echolls never really like Lilly Kane. She thought she was stuck up and that the only thing Lilly did well was break her baby’s heart.

“Um, yeah, I left my suit over when Logan and I went swimming when you and Mr. Echolls were in Spain and I was wondering if I could go get it. It’s in the pool house.” Lilly smiled, hoping it would convince her to let her come in.

“Go right ahead.”

“Thanks,” she replied, before walking through the living room to the doors that led out to the pool house. She jogged quickly inside, wanting to hurry and get out of there before Logan and Aaron came home.

She made her way to the bookshelf, opening it and opening the drawer. She looked until she found the date she was looking for before taking out that tape and replacing it with another. She went to the VCR that was recording her as she did this and walked towards it, stopping and then removing both tapes, before replacing them with fresh new blank ones. She didn’t press record as she slipped them back in.

The last thing Aaron needed to know was that she had come and gone and messed with his tapes. It was always possible that he had forgotten to press record. It’s not like he had had a busy day, which he had just to record. It was possible. And that’s all Lilly needed.

Lilly shut the door to the bookshelf, pulling out her bikini that was in her purse. She hurried out of the pool house and back to the main house, waving her suit at Lynn, before saying her goodbyes and making her way back to her car.

She placed her purse in the driver’s side and took out one of the tapes. She looked deeply at it before smirking. She looked up at her mirror and said, “There is no way that that bitch is going to win this.” She had everything she need now. Every little card would now just have to fall exactly into place. “It’s time,” she giggled, before pulling out and driving away.


That Friday, Veronica came home early from Logan’s house, where they had fooled around and talked about what had happened with Lilly. Logan was glad that Veronica realized that it hadn’t been his fault and he had tried to help her come to terms with the fact that Lilly screwed up.

When she finally made it home, she and her father had ice cream for dinner, since they hadn’t been able to have any daddy daughter time. It was exactly as Veronica needed. Once Veronica had been done with the dishes she made her way into the living room and turned the TV on.

“In breaking news today,” began the channel 4 reporter, “Action hero Aaron Echolls, star of The Breaking Point and Beyond the Breaking Point, was arrested early this evening of the charge of statutory rape. Police officials tell us, that an anonymous source came in with videotapes of the action star with young woman whom is said to be only 16 years old. On these videos, Sheriff Donald Lamb told us that it’s a sex video that Aaron Echolls made at his home. At this time, the name of the minor is not being released, but her family has been contacted. We will keep you informed when we get more details. Stay tuned to Action News Channel 4 at eleven.”

Veronica sat on the floor of her living room, her back against their couch. She watched the breaking newscast in shock. “Dad, come here.”

Keith Mars walked into the living room to see what his daughter was distressed about. He watched the newscast with narrowed eyes. “Isn’t that your boyfriend’s father?”

Veronica nodded her head in shock. Aaron Echolls was sleeping with minors? Why the hell would he be sleeping with minors? It’s not like his wife was an ugly duckling. Lynn Echolls was gorgeous.

Veronica knew that Aaron was skeevy but she never thought that he would sleep with underage girls. She knew about the cameras from Lilly and that he was video tapping Lilly changing, but… this? As soon as this thought popped in her mind she blanched. Oh god. No way. No. Fucking. Way.

Soon everything began to become clearer. Why Lilly was so hard pressed to get the tapes, why she didn’t want Logan to know anything about what was going on, why Lilly had suddenly befriended her – knowing that Veronica was a private investigators’ daughter.

Veronica’s stomach rolled and she could feel the nausea well up in her. Lilly had used to her. She had used her to get the tapes of her and Aaron Echolls. Of them having sex. Oh god. Lilly had had sex with Logan’s father. Her ex boyfriends’ dad.

Veronica hurriedly stood up and rushed to the bathroom. This was all her fault.


By Monday, the Lilly Kane and Aaron Echolls sex tapes and been released. An unnamed deputy sold them to a tabloid for a big cash payoff.

Monday, Lilly, Duncan nor Logan came to school. Veronica braved the halls of Neptune High alone with Wallace as they watched some who the trio called friends demonstrated the tapes for others who hadn’t seen the newscast or the streaming version online.

Veronica shook her head in annoyance, lifting her phone to see if she had gotten a message. Logan and she had only talked once this weekend, where he explained what had happened early Friday night after she had left.

He had told her that the cops had come in and arrested Aaron, and then decided to go through the pool house where they had found even more of Aaron’s infidelity. Logan had told her that he had witnessed the entire thing. He had seen all the names on the tapes. Watched as the police examined all the labels, with Hollywood starlets and even old employees of his.

Due to all the reporters, Logan had not been able to come see her, nor had she been able to sneak in. But she knew come hell and high water that she was going to see him today. Especially now that he knew who had been on those first videos.

She had tried to call him this morning when she realized that everyone now knew about Lilly, but he hadn’t answered the phone.

As she walked around the corner to her locker, she saw a newspaper glued on it. On further inspection she realized it was a copy of Aaron and Lilly in the throes of passion. She hurriedly ripped the paper from her locker, disgusted at everyone.

God she hated this school.


“This is all that little slut’s fault.”

Lilly jumped at her mother’s voice, her head close to the door jam. Lilly knew that her parents would be upset, but it had become world war three and she wanted to hear everything.

“Now, Celeste, you can’t blame everything on her. Lilly has her own mind and she did this—no one else is to blame but us.”

“Oh please. Lilly, would never do something like this until that whore came into her life. And if Lilly had, she would have been a hell of a lot smarter.”

Jake Kane shook his head at his wife. “Celeste you saw the time stamp. The date is before Lilly even became friends with Veronica, so you can’t say that Veronica pushed her into this.”

Celeste scowled at him. “That girl has been nothing but trouble for Lillian. She took Logan away from her and that’s why she let that bastard take advantage of her.” Celeste turned away from her husband. She was pissed off. Deep down she knew that it was impossible of Veronica to have been able to get Lilly to sleep with Logan’s father, but it was easier to blame Veronica than to blame herself on her parenting skills. “That girl is a whore just like her mother was.”

Jakes eyes grew cold, his voice deadly. “Do not, and I mean it, don’t ever say anything bad about Lianne. Lianne and Veronica have nothing to do with this.”

Celeste’s eyes grew large. “You mean you don’t want me to bring up your whore? I know, Jake. I know everything. I know that you and Lianne had an affair. I know everything. All those business trips that you took out of the city, and all those credit card bills.” She looked at her husband, seeing the shock registering on his face. “I know that Lianne told you that you were the father of Veronica and that she didn’t want to hurt Keith Mars so she told him that she was his. I. Know. Everything.”

Lilly’s mouth opened in shock.

“How long have you known?” came Jake’s voice—quieter than he would have liked.

“Since the beginning,” replied Celeste.

“Then why didn’t you say anything all these years?”

Celeste walked over to their dresser, glancing at picture of them on their wedding day. A day that had been so perfect in her eyes, or until she had watched Jake disappear into a bathroom and then come out a few minutes later, with his clothes disheveled. She had watched an equally disheveled Lianne come out moments later wiping her mouth. “I knew that sooner or later, that she would get what had been coming to her. And when I found out that you were planning on leaving me for her –” she paused, unsure of how she wanted her words come out. She turned her body to face her husband, her smile becoming devilish, “I took care of her.”

Jake paused. Taking a moment to collect himself before he asked, “Took care of her? What the fuck does that mean, Celeste?”

Celeste’s smile didn’t change when she casually replied, “What does it sound like dear? I had Clarence do a little clean up. I wasn’t going to let something like that ruin our family, just like I’m not going to let something like this ruin it now.”

Lilly slowly backed away from the room, shocked from her mother’s words, but it was her mother’s last words as Lilly departed from the hall that shook her soul.

“Forever means forever darling, I thought you knew that.”


It had been hell, but she had gotten through it. It was probably the hardest thing she had ever done by getting past those vultures. She now knew what it was like to be Logan and his family. The paparazzi were horrible and her heart hurt for Logan knowing that he had to grow up and live with his life in the papers all the time, especially now in this time of heartache and grief.

She hurried up the stairs, turning down the hallway that led to Logan’s room. She entered it with a silent click of the door. She looked at Logan, who was surrounded by all of his blankets on his bed, curled around a pillow.

She silently walked over to him, brushing a stray strand of hair away. He looked up at her, his brown eyes still shedding tears. “Oh, Logan,” she whispered, climbing on the bed, lying next to him. She soon was pulled into his arms as his body shook with sobs.

She whispered non-sensible words to him, telling him that everything would be okay and that she was there for him and always would be. She stroked his face and wiped away his tears.

Soon his breathing evened out and he was asleep. She soon followed after.


Veronica awoke with the feeling of being watched. She looked up to swollen brown eyes, yet they had never been more beautiful. She smiled at him and stroked his cheek. She ran her fingers through his hair, and his eyes rolled back into his head in pleasure.

When he finally opened his eyes, he leaned in to gently touch her lips with his. He kept the kiss gentle, safe – loving. He knew this feeling inside his chest wasn’t going to go away and it made him so happy to know that she would never do what Lilly had done. He trusted her and knew that she would never do anything to hurt him.

He kissed her harder, wanting to let her know how he felt about her. How everything about her drove him crazy with lust and warmth. How he never wanted to be anywhere without her. He hoped that his thankfulness for her being with him showed.

She slowly at up, and he followed, watching her as she soon stood up, her lips still connected with his. His legs swung over the bed, so that she was framed in between. She took a look at him before giving the side of his mouth a silent kiss and running her hands along the hem of his shirt. She lightly grazed her fingers along his stomach, before taking the edges in her hands that raised it, his arms automatically going up with the clothing.

“Veronica, are you sure?” he asked hesitantly.

She nodded, before reaching and playing with the string of his sweat pants. He stood up, towering over her and let her control the pace. Her hands left the string and traveled up his chest taking in all the dents and curves that were his body. She followed the happy trail and went down his stomach and disappeared, and she wanted to see how far it truly went.

She slowly brought his pants down watching as he kicked them away. Standing there in only his boxers, Veronica knew that he was perfect. She looked up at him, blushing, glad to see his brown eyes warming in pleasure.

Logan was speechless as he watched her flush as she took in all of the skin that she unwrapped. He had never seen anything more beautiful than her and he knew that after this night that things would change.

He watched her with slight uncertainty as she pulled her top off and then pushed down her shorts and panties. Standing before him completely naked, her hands sneaked to the waistband of his boxers and gently pushed them down. He didn’t really know what to make of her behavior, until she brought her hand back to his cheek and gave him an untainted smile.

“Make love to me.”

She went to lie on the bed, and reached out her hand to him when he didn’t immediately follow her. Looking at her right now, he wanted nothing more than to be with her. He sat down beside her and took her hand in his, bringing it to his lips. He wanted to be careful with her. He knew it was her first time and the last thing that he wanted to do was scare her off. A first time is supposed to be beautiful and he wasn’t going to do anything to taint this for her, or for him. Gently he placed kisses on her knuckles and then on the inside of her wrist, watching her as she closed her eyes and settled more comfortably against the pillows.

Not wanting to wait any longer, he settled on top of her, resting most of his weigh on his elbows, but still letting his body come into contact with hers. She opened her eyes again, and he smiled at her slightly, brushing her cheek with his thumb.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, before leaning down to capture her lips in a light kiss.

She brought her hands to his back, her fingertips slowly running over his spine. Her lips moved against his slowly, not letting him pull his mouth away from hers. He loved being like this, feeling his body on top of hers, not an inch separating them, just feeling his skin against hers.

He placed his lips on the corner of her mouth before he started layering kisses on her cheeks, on her earlobe, on her neck. He felt her body quiver slightly under him, and he took pleasure in knowing that the moment he placed his mouth against her neck, she wouldn’t be able to control her desire for him.

Her grasp on his back tightened slightly and he heard her mumble something quietly. Her body arched under him, telling him that she needed him. He let his other hand run down her side, about to see if she was already ready for him, although he already knew the answer. She knew it too, because she grabbed his hand and stopped it by her waist, looking into his eyes with genuine need in her eyes.

He brought his lips to hers again, reaching across her and into his beside drawer. He rolled the condom on his cock and caressed her face as he positioned himself better over her and started entering her. Her breathing started to come in short pants, and her eyes were wide as she looked at him, not blinking, her gaze unwavering. She was scared, nervous, excited, scared, terrified, happy, excited – a bundle of emotions that would only soon belong to only him.

He started to move in a rhythmic pace, and her legs slowly started rubbing up and down the sides of his legs. He leaned his forehead against hers, heard his own breath catch in his throat as he once against buried himself deep in her. He had never ever felt so vulnerable in his life, nor so strong. He could no longer keep his eyes open, not when she enveloped her legs around his hips and her hips arched against his movements, trying to get closer.

Her hand came up to caress his hair, finally stopping at the nape of his neck. They kept their pace slow and steady; neither was in any need to go any faster. She seemed to be holding on tighter, and he realized he was moving with slightly more force, making her let out low moans whenever her thrusts met his. He took her other hand and intertwined her fingers with his, pulling the hand over her head and pressing it tightly against the pillow.

He was feeling too weary to hold his head against hers anymore and he allowed himself to bury his face in her neck, jerking his body against hers more violently.

“God…” he heard her sob, as she pulled his body closer to hers and started pumping her hips against his a bit harder.

He squeezed his eyes shut when she threw her head back and her body arched forcefully against his. Her fingers were digging into his palm and he felt her losing control and tightening around him almost painfully. They were both starting to move faster, almost crazily against each other until he heard her release a sob of some sort and her body tensed under him. He drove into her a few more times until he allowed his body to collapse on top of hers; probably crushing her in the process, but his mind was not currently capable of such lucid thoughts. He felt her heavy breathing against his skin and he moved slightly, only to feel her grasp of him tighten.

“Don’t move” she whispered and held on to him, keeping him still inside her, his body covering every inch of hers. He placed warm, soft kisses along the ridge of her brow, down the side of her face, leaving a chaste kiss on her plump lips, before sliding his body out of hers and making his way into his bathroom to clean up.

When he came back into his room, Veronica was curled up, under his blankets with her arms opened. He gave her a smile and climbed in with her, curling around her warm body.

She sighed into him, wanting her entire being to be in contact with his. Soon, her eyes drifted closed, and she fell into slumber.

She never heard the soft thank you.


The soft beeping from his phone is what woke Logan the next morning. Glancing at the clock by his bed, he quickly jumped, waking Veronica.

She turned and looked blurrily at him. “What?”

“You need to go,” he said hurriedly, “Your dad is going to kill me.”

Veronica smiled. “No he’s not. He’s off chasing a bail jumper. Don’t worry about.” She laid her head back down on the pillow that had been cushioned it before. She brought the blankets back around her and settled herself.

She soon felt Logan scoot back up to her, her bottom in contact with his morning wood. She wiggled, earning a soft groan out of him. She giggled, which caused him to kiss up the back of her neck. She quickly flipped over so that she was facing him. “Hi,” she whispered.

“Hi.” Logan stroked her cheek before kissing her. She pulled him closer, rolling him on top of her. He ground into her.

“Hmm, that feels good,” she replied, catching her breath from his breath stealing kiss.

He looked at her and smirked. “I know something that will feel a hell of a lot better.”

Veronica arched an eyebrow in a challenge.

Logan grinned, his head disappearing under the covers.

The last coherent thought she had was that this was so much better.


After walking Veronica out to her car and giving her a kiss goodbye, Logan came back to his roomed and showered. After he was dressed, he picked up his phone intent on listening to the messages that he had received and had not yet listened to.

When he got to the last messages he was shocked to hear a voicemail from Lilly. She pleaded with him to call her and that she was so sorry, but that she hadn’t been the one to say anything or to release the tapes. But, she did know who did and if he would call her they could handle it.

Against his better judgment, he called her. And made arrangements to meet.


Logan pulled up to the Neptune Grand looking around for Lilly’s car he didn’t see it, but he continued on anyway. He made his way to the front desk when someone suddenly grabbed him and pulled him along to an elevator.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” he asked, pissed off at her for a variety of reasons.

“I know that you’re hurt, Logan. And you will never know how sorry I am, but I didn’t release those tapes.” Lilly’s eyes began to tear. “I didn’t want them out there like that. Everyone thinks I’m this whore, when I’m not. It was just a bad decision – a stupid decision and I’m sorry, Logan, I’m just so sorry.”

Logan looked down at Lilly and for a moment didn’t see the bitch he knew. The bitch that had broke his heart time and time again. The bitch who had just slept with his father. He saw the girl that he had been a friend with all his life. The first girl he ever kissed – a game of spin the bottle when he was in seventh grade. The girl who he lost his virginity to. He also saw the girl and he had loved all his life.

The elevator dinged and they walked out. Logan followed Lilly and watched as she pulled out a room key card, motioning him to go in first. He took a glance around the room, taking in the furniture, his eyes finding their way to a huge duffel bag.

“What’s with the bag?”

“I needed it for my disguise, plus, it holds some things that I needed to show you.” Lilly sniffed and went to sit down on the bed.

“A disguise?” he asked.

“Yes, a disguise,” she snapped. “It’s not like I wanted to be branded whore of the year, Logan, so I had to take some precaution. With all of this going on, Celeste has basically barred me from leaving the estate, so I had to sneak out.”

“Well, if you didn’t want all of this, why did you fuck my father, Lilly?” Logan asked, his voice cracking with emotion. He needed to know why.

“I don’t know,” she whispered despondently.

“That’s not good enough,” he shot back, anger staining his words.

Lilly lowered her eyes. “I don’t know, Logan. We had broken up and I was on my way over to ream your ass about something, and I walked into the pool house and your dad was there, and I told him we broke up and that I was there to yell at you. He tried to calm me down, ya know, but it didn’t work. I don’t know how it happened, but your dad, he backed me into the wall and then he kissed me and he started rubbing on me and then –”

“ – I don’t want to know,” Logan cut in. He didn’t want to know. “How long, Lilly?”

“Since about the end of September.”

Logan’s mouth widened. “Since September? Fuck, Lilly, its December right now. Jesus, you’ve been fucking my father for that long?”

She nodded her head. “It stopped a few weeks ago. I told him that I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t do this to you. And let’s just say that he wasn’t that pleased.”

Logan took a deep breath. “Okay, so if you didn’t publish those tapes, then who did?”

Lilly sighed, but stayed quiet.

“Who did it, Lilly?”

Lilly lifted her eyes. “Veronica.”


15th-Nov-2006 04:50 pm (UTC)
oh crap!
loved the dialogue between Aaron and Lilly in the beginning. Good stuff. next part now! :D
20th-Nov-2006 04:11 am (UTC)

Again, awesome bit--When she finally had the ability to move, the only thing she could hear was Lilly’s laughter ringing in the halls.

This is really great! :)
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